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Analysis of Book IX in the Odyssey.

celebrating their surprise attack and capture of Ismarus by eating and drinking the night away, the Cicones manage to plan a surprise attack of their own and they recapture the city, killing many of O ...

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The Odyssey: The Greek Ethical Mind - explores the implications of Greek attitudes, customs, and culture in Homer's the Odyssey

people raided and attacked mainly for personal gain, such as when Odysseus and his men attacked the Cicones. ?There I sacked the city, killed the men, but as for the wives and plunder, that rich haul ...

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The Odyssey, written by Homer

enemies a chance to seek revenge against him. After leaving Troy, Odysseus attacks the land of the Cicones. Instead of leaving after his victory he satys to celebrate until a force is gathered agains ... dysseus learns that the gods must be respected in order for any man to succeed.On the island of the Cicones, and with his encounter with Polyphemus, Odysseus learns that bragging can bring great misfo ...

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The Odyssey: Odysseus' heroic/frail qualities

s journey back to Ithaca, his bravery and swiftness save him and his crew from monsters such as the Cicones, the Kyklops and the Laestrygonians. His courage is tested to the extreme when he, a mere mo ...

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Odysseus: What his Decisions Say

ful after sacking Ismarus, and this leads to dozens of his men dying at the hands of the reinforced Cicones. Obviously, the right decision would have been to leave immediately. By staying, he is being ... leave immediately. By staying, he is being prideful in that he is "rubbing it in" the faces of the Cicones, and this is the first example of what that leads to.Similarly, when Odysseus and his men co ...

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