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Canadian Volcanoes/ This paper talks about Canadian volcanoe characteristics.

kon rivers, half way between Whitehorse and Dawson City, central Yukon Territory. This volcano is a cinder cone. The lavas at Volcano Mountain represent a unique type of lava, called 'olivine nephelin ... of Atlin, in northwestern British Columbia, and 900 km east of Anchorage, Alaska. This volcano is a cinder cone with another cinder cone Volcanic Creek cone, part of the northern Cordilleran volcanic ...

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This essay is about the different types of volcanoes and how they are made. Includes a works cited page.

untain, and spew glowing rivers of melted lava down their sides. In some eruptions, red-hot ash and cinders shoot out the mountaintop, and large chunks of hot rock are blasted high into the air. Only ... een the plates and pour onto the ocean floor.There are typically four different types of volcanoes: Cinder, Shield, Composite, and Lava Domes. Cinder Cones are the simplest type of volcano. They are b ...

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two pieces of continental crust at a converging boundary produces a___________________27. When ash, cinders, and bombs build up in a steep pile around a volcano's vent, the result is a________________ ... 21. an aftershock22. igneous rocks23. folding24. volcanic neck25. volcanic ash26. mountain range27. cinder cone volcano.28. lava flows29. slower30. subduction.31. determine the absolute ages of rocks3 ...

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