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TITLE: The Classic Art house genre, "Contempt". The professor wrote nothing but, "excellent" and the bottom of the page.

In David Bordwell's essay, "The Art Cinema as a Mode of Film Practice", he claims that, "art cinema defines itself explicity againt clas ... itself explicity againt classic Hollywood cinema practices, in the area of narrative structure, and cinematic style,." In the film, Contempt (1963), directed by Jean Luc Godard, Bordwells claims provi ... ide an interesting scope through which to watch the film. In the film, the narrative structure, and cinematic style defy classic Hollywood cinema practices. Contempt uses unique cutting techniques, au ...

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Hollywod since 1948

y assess the argument that the 'High Concept Film' represents an example of post-classical American Cinema.When considering post-classical American cinema in relation to our argument we must first dis ... s relationship to that of the classical Hollywood tradition we can see that post-classical American cinema emerged through a set of aesthetic norms. It is suggested that up until 1960 there was a spec ...

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Essay: Thai movies and Hollywood movies

which make Hollywood movies are more famous. First, homosexual, in Thai movies, is chosen to be one of the characters because of their funny personality. In contrast, we can hardly see those people in ... om being homosexual. It seems like we despise and discriminate those as we see that being is a kind of joke. Then those people less appear in Hollywood movies than Thai movies. In addition, there are ...

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Micro Commentary

after the great recession by helping out local sugar farm businesses. To do this they have made use of government incentives. Some of these include subsidies and price support systems. Subsidies are s ... On the other hand the price support system is a government system in which they maintain the price of a good, sugar, at a price higher than the equilibrium. These guarantee a constant income for the ...

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