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Write a story about anything. this story will then be made into a popup book.

. With the help of my little brothers, she made charoset. Charoset is made of chopped apples, nuts, cinnamon, and a little bit of wine. My mom bought boxes of matzah by the dozen.My dad read many Hagg ...

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Exploration was primarily Economic

by economic endeavors. By the 1400's Europeans wanteed to buy Asian products, such as jewels, silk, cinnamon, pepper and cloves. Overland trade was expensive and frequently prevented by middle-man cou ... red a possible business rival. But the explorer obtained some gems and spices, including pepper and cinnamon, to take back to Portugal to prove he had reached Asia. When the new world was first ...

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"StarGirl" Written by Jerry Spinelli

to do good deeds. Like playing the uklele for students on their birthdays. She has a pet rat named cinnamon and she has a crush on Leo. Now Leo on the other hand collects porcupine neckties but doesn ...

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Four wheeler

orth, and the garden ripening with blackberries. I closed the sapphire blue curtains and sat on the cinnamon couch. The smell of honey reminded me of my second home, Vermont. I took a seat at the mapl ...

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Cinnamon Cinnamon is a unique person that has a mind of her own, she wears and does what she wants, ... ster, truly. I was the sister she always wanted and her daughter and best friend forever and ever". Cinnamon wasn't that close with her father like it used to be, now that they both had tell each othe ... said had made her suffered a miscarriage and she was rushed to the hospital. She lost the baby.When Cinnamon was at school, she was sent to the principal office. She really didn't knew what was going ...

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Essay responding to topic Education and Myself. Impossible can be possible.

d proud of myself. The feeling of happiness became even stronger when light smell of fresh homemade cinnamon roll tickled my nose. My mother knows how to make my day a little lighter. It looks like it ... useless, just a waist of time and energy. My beautiful day, my proudest achievement even a smell of cinnamon roll was gone in a blink of an eye. Tears welled up in my eyes, I was crying and it looks l ...

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test ignore

l dark, reddish-brown berries are so called becausetheir aroma and flavor resemble a combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Use berries whole in marinades; for boiling and pot roasting meatsand p ... wder varies in flavor and hotness, from mild to hot. A less fiery type is found in chili seasoning. CINNAMON & CASSIA: Shavings of bark from the cinnamon tree are processed and curled to form cinn ...

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used: ItemsQuantityHuman test subject1Citronella oil2 tbsp.Catnip oil2 tbsp.Cinnamon oil2 tbsp.ProcedureThe study aims to compare the effectiveness of certain natural mosq ... tify which substance can be used as a repellant. The following ingredients: citronella, catnip, and cinnamon will be applied on the part of the human test subject. The test subject will be placed in a ...

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