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Napoloen Bonaparte's Civil Code

Napoleon in later life considered the Civil Code to be the most significant of his achievements. The Code represented a comprehensive refo ... f his achievements. The Code represented a comprehensive reformation and codification of the French civil laws. Under the ancien regime more than 400 codes of laws were in place in various parts of Fr ... of the National Convention and the Directory. Through the efforts of Napoleon the drafting the new Civil Code in an expert commission, in which Jean-Etienne-Marie Portalis took a leading role, took p ...

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Comparative law analysis between Australian, Germany and China Legal Systems

f the jurisdictions studied will be applied. Therefore, we will apply the law of Australia, and two Civil Law jurisdictions (the law of Germany� and the law of China�).For the second par ... ision in Salomon v A.Salomon & Co.� This principle is also true and applicable under the Civil Laws in Germany� and China�.The next issue is whether Lisa and Bart, as B&CO ...

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