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Explaining why "Blues Brothers" is a Musical and "The Little Mermaid" is not

Blues Brothers, a Musical?Last weekend while I was watching television I thought about classic Hollywood musicals. Some titles that came to mind were memorable titles such as "The sound o ... rothers". "The Blues Brothers" you ask. Yes, this movie is a good example of a movie musical in the classic sense because it fits the criteria for a classic movie musical. The director, Jonathan Landi ... movie musicals, and "The Blues Brothers" is not. The classification of movie musicals includes many classic movies as well as those, whose qualifications are less than exemplary, but to not include "T ...

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To what extent do film genres change over time? Compare Two examples from different decades, of any media genre of your choice.

o show how the western has changed over time, even within the same directors work. The western is a classic Hollywood genre which was highly popular in the 1950's and 60's. However in-between these ye ... ute;cor. This is shown in both films, with scenes in the "harsh" wilderness and scenes in a saloon, classically conventional for a western. This would be due to the fact that the setting is something ...

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TITLE: The Classic Art house genre, "Contempt". The professor wrote nothing but, "excellent" and the bottom of the page.

Art Cinema as a Mode of Film Practice", he claims that, "art cinema defines itself explicity againt classic Hollywood cinema practices, in the area of narrative structure, and cinematic style,." In th ... ope through which to watch the film. In the film, the narrative structure, and cinematic style defy classic Hollywood cinema practices. Contempt uses unique cutting techniques, audio sampling, narrati ...

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Classic Hollywood and Preston Sturges "Sullivan's Travels"

ip, and cool control of the perceiver's response - canons which critics in any medium usually call "classical" (Maltby). Through the satirizing of film language and it's processes Sullivan's Travels b ... processes Sullivan's Travels brings about an awareness of it's own ideology within the framework of Classic Hollywood.The film tells the journey of "Sully," a big time Hollywood director of lightweigh ...

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Shot-By-Shot Analysis Of The ‘Picnic Scene’ In Citizen Cane

ne. It is told through a series of well-crafted flashbacks, and highly revered for its violation of classic Hollywood conventions. In Citizen Kane, Welles' innovative use of cinematography, sound, lig ...

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Truffaut and the New Cinema

ure films that today's population is accustomed to. This, however, was not a fluid progression. The classic hollywood style took an early dominant role in the history of film, with the majority of fil ... style took an early dominant role in the history of film, with the majority of films following this classical style. They were appealing to the masses, and were very profitable. This style did not app ...

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