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Word processing vs. Desktop publishing The essay explains how which one is used. Very updated. Also includes a chart. You will see where the chart is.

(What You See Is What You Get).Graphics images can be imported from previously created art, called clip art. Clip art may be included with the software package being used or may be purchased. Collect ...

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PowerPoint can be an effective tool to use for presentations but you have to know how to use it effectively.

p; Irani).The authors begin by explaining that less is more when it comes to words. Visuals such as clip art make the presentation easier for the audience to remember. In addition, they offer a number ... audience does not "lose sight of the main points in your presentation" (Telg & Irani).Kickert 2Clip art can enhance the details of a presentation. The authors remind those using clip art to "keep ...

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Presentation DESIGN STEP 2

es of layoutsTitle slideText slideSingle-bulleted listDouble-bulleted listMultimedia slideTableChartClip artPictureDiagram or org chartMediaEach of the three slide types can appear in a variety of com ... t is the next most important consideration for the slideContent on a slide can includea tablea chartclip arta picturea diagrammedia, such as a movie or soundThis is the easiest place to get side-track ...

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Word processing practice test

Spelling Errors WD2711. The series of predefined graphics included with Word is called ________ .A: clip art B: clip graphics C: clip photos D: clips WD4512. The Spelling and Grammar Status icon displ ... ouble click the ________ status indicator.A: SWH B: MOD C: OVR D: TYP WD5720. The ________ contains clip art, photographs, sounds, and video.A: Clip Finder B: Clip File C: Clip Folder D: Clip Organize ...

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Simply Slavery.

opinions upon events and/or time periods. Computerized art is now in style within this new era. The clip-art picture "Slave Ship"; part of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, portrays a time period ... ho are un-cognitive of history.Tall ships are not so common in today's world. The background of the clip art is a tall ship, which is used to convey the style boat used. The sails upon the tall ship a ...

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Mexican Expedition 2006

call from that moment in time. Personally I'm visual and therefore my memories tend to be stored in clip art format, and thus why it will be my medium along the tour of my mind of how I will always re ...

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