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Analysis of "Raise the Red Lantern"

order to include the faces of the long deceased patriarchs in the same frames with the wives in the close-ups and medium close-ups. This change, in conjunction with deep focus, would alter the themati ...

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The Impacts of Images: Photographic Languages.

ng more vitality and connotation into pictures. The sense of distance is presented by long shot and close-up techniques. The apparent distance between camera and subject contributes to the overall imp ... mera and subject contributes to the overall impression or message conveyed by the picture. Usually, close-ups invite a sense of shared feeling and intimacy because the subject is isolated and intimate ...

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Analytical Essay on scene, "Norstadt discovers truth" from movie, 'The Man Without a Face'.

dt's father who committed suicide in a hospital because he was mentally ill.The scene begins with a close-up of Norstadt who is shocked after reading the letters, which are in the background. The musi ... kground. The music starts off as being high and soft and sets the mood of sadness. Then two extreme close-up shots of the letters are displayed, focusing on the main phrases of "PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE" ...

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Editing - Postive Reasons to Cut

merely observe the current on goings? To identify with characters, dialogue is important and use of close-ups are used with slight pauses at the end to realise the reactions displayed, whereby mere ob ... to change the conversation which leads to confusion. The editor has neatly cut from medium-shots to close-up reaction shots where we see Monica and Phoebe talking. We need to identify with their facia ...

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