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I Drown is a descriptive paper of a rainstorm.

As an enormous wall of gray clouds approaches, the anticipation grows ever so slightly with each passing moment. This warm sun-f ... st for rainstorms. Most people think of rain as a nuisance that upsets the normal rotation of sunny cloudless days and causes usual outdoor activities to be put on standby, but not to Brian and I. As ... I haven't let a drop of precipitation touch my skin. When I first arrived here today there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Now I stand immersed in all sorts of emotions as I place a vibrant orange tiger li ...

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The seasons

onsThe sun smilesThe birds singThe wind plays with the tree topsAgain I see youThe flowers bloomThe clouds makes castlesThe grass grows greenAgain I see youThe sun frownThe birds fly awayThe wind star ... The birds fly awayThe wind starts to rip the leaves from the treesAgain I see youThe flowers dieThe clouds start to cryThe grass turns brownAgain I see youThe sun comes out slowly from behind the clou ...

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~Jack the Champion Climber~ (Writing a different version of a fairytale)

ysteriously grown in the back garden? A tree that reached so high that it disappeared way above the clouds. Jack heard a knock on the door.'Just a minute' he replied, as he realised that he may for th ... s legs to regain warmth. He peered through the green leaved branches to be amazed by the blanket of clouds lying beneath him and he realised how high he must be. He wondered why on a hot summer's day ...

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The Water Cycle

temperature becomes hot so that the heat gradually evaporates the water into the atmosphere to form clouds. The condensed water vapor forms as tiny droplets into clouds, until one day it will be relea ... apor forms as tiny droplets into clouds, until one day it will be released as rain or snow from the clouds to the land.Some of the precipitation falls in the oceans which continuous the cycle. However ...

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A Perfect World

e wood that could hurt her badly if she smashed into it. Mel just watched her."Come on Mel, get on "Cloud" and swing as high as you can. We'll have a contest!""This is what you call an interesting Fri ... ough flexibility to run his hand through it. He jogged forward and grabbed the outward swing named "Cloud", and began to pump his legs back and forth."We'll make it a contest." He said, "Whoever can g ...

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cloud computing

TITLE : CLOUD COMPUTING AND SECURITYIntroduction:Cloud computing can simply be defined as the mechanism of s ... rograms through the internet instead from a computer's hard drive. Some of the striking features of cloud are access to the requirements of users through the internet , agility , unlimited space etc . ... ility , unlimited space etc . Public , private , hybrid , community , distributed are the models of cloud. The services offered by cloud computing can be divided into three categoriesInfrastructure as ...

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Somerset Levels 2014

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