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Virtual Organization

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Thick to Thin- Cloud Computing

Thick to ThinCloud computing is predicted to grow from a $582 million industry to $718 million by 2014. The growt ... wth of this market will depend on how easily the providers will access the technologies that enable cloud computing. Companies that need to expand data storage or hosting capabilities are now turning ... hat need to expand data storage or hosting capabilities are now turning to the inexpensive and fast cloud architecture that allows the business to choose the services they need without expanding hardw ...

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The Pirate Bay Case Study.

iness model very difficult for The Pirate Bay and other music and video file sharing sites, and new cloud based services are further changing how the consumer demand is met.�IntroductionAfter a ... the record industry's right to shut out this means of accessing their property, and the alternative cloud based model.The Pirate Bay's Business ModelThe Pirate Bay operates a virtual enterprise, where ...

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stributors and service providers to market quickly and cost-effectively with the ability to deliver cloud services. Additionally the JDSN provides distribution partners with the ability to deliver clo ... ig companies such as IBM, Telstra, Cisco, BroadSoft, Vodafone, DHL and many others are now unifying cloud services delivery and life-cycle management with Jamcracker. The JDSN is a global services eco ...

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The Battle on The Clouds

1 Tr ung Thai Cloud computing is booming. To avoid being out of the game, Oracle spent $1.5 billion to buy RightNo ... last month. Oracle hopes this acquisition will help them quickly increase their market share about cloud computing market. At the present, Oracle is the leading provider of enter- prise software solu ... ation 9 Trend and next product 11 Technical Valuation 12 Summary 13 References 14 The Battle on The Clouds Microsoft hesitated participating the market, and even they found the way to prevent develop- ...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Cloud computing Service

The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Cloud computing ServiceThe "cloud" refers to the Internet; it is usually hosted on more then one ser ... public nor the businesses know where the information is located. Many consumers are turning to the cloud to store and retrieve their data from any computer in the world. They are using this service t ... conduct, documents, other personal and all business operations. Many different consumers are using cloud; but many are using cloud with out taking a look at the advantages and disadvantages that come ...

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cloud computing

TITLE : CLOUD COMPUTING AND SECURITYIntroduction:Cloud computing can simply be defined as the mechanism of s ... rograms through the internet instead from a computer's hard drive. Some of the striking features of cloud are access to the requirements of users through the internet , agility , unlimited space etc . ... ility , unlimited space etc . Public , private , hybrid , community , distributed are the models of cloud. The services offered by cloud computing can be divided into three categoriesInfrastructure as ...

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novos polimeros

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