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The following is a lab report on fermentation and its inhibitors.

used by sailors to inhibit the fermentation of thealcohol they transported. These spices, including Clove were used with good reason. Inthis study it was found that 1% clove solution inhibited a ferme ... it was found that 1% clove solution inhibited a fermentation reaction by asmuch as 0.093ml/min. The clove solution also decreased the total evolution of CO2 by asmuch as 2.845 ml.The process of fermen ...

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AbstractThe purpose of this experiment was to isolate eugenol oil from cloves by steam distillation as the main technique. This experiment had a percent yield of 8.08%, wh ... an phenylpropanoid which synthesized from amino acid and phenylalanine in may aromatic plants like, cloves, Syzygium aromaticum , the best source of eugenol, where 80-90% of its component is eugenol w ... olvent extraction is the process by which the oil (eugenol) isolated from the other constituents of clove's o. Essential oils are the volatile components associated with the aromas of many plants. In ...

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