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James Earl Jones: A Voice in the Crowd

ing to the voice of Darth Vader to news junkies who hear a voice that dramatically intones "This is CNN" just before all the cable network's station breaks to children who hear the stately voice of th ...

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xposes the uncivilized parts of the country. For instance, thewell known news broad-casting channel CNN showed the circumcising of ayoung girl on the television screen. This is a harsh way to introduc ... f ayoung girl on the television screen. This is a harsh way to introduce a cultureto people. Often, CNN shows cases of the Egyptian desert with camel riders.This narrow perspective influences the soci ...

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Media's Effect on Politics

e print media has little significance in shaping public reaction to political events in this age of CNN and news ON-LINE. This is because of the audience, work, and time involved in each. That is, the ...

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Abolish the Death Penalty

ke up that morning and to my surprise the television was on. I see my mother sitting there watching CNN and saying how wrong the death penalty was as she was watching John Stevinson be put to death. S ...

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Racism after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

t's happening, in New York City, on the television." So around that time pretty much every room had CNN on and was watching the horrifying plane crashes. When I first saw it I had no idea that it was ...

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Minors and the Death Penalty

ts the standards for punishments. The article Three Justices Question Execution of Minors posted by but I am not sure who wrote it. This article is about the controversy between the sides of t ...

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Title: Hate Crimes. Essay is about recent hate crimes and statistics.

know they are unwelcome in that neighborhood, community, school or workplace (APA, 1).According to, Darrell David Rice of Columbia, Maryland, was found guilty of committing the 1996 slayings ...

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This work is basically a critical review of Bergen's book: Holy War Inc. but it is also a good source to aid a student in his/her research of US international policies, oil, etc.

In the book Holy War Inc. acclaimed journalist and CNN terrorist analyst Peter L. Bergen's attempts to uncover the events, individual players and polit ... possibility of a connection between Osama bin Laden and Somalian blood bath: "Bin Laden later told CNN in 1997 that one of his proudest achievements while he was based in Sudan was the role of his Af ...

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Human Cloning: Is it moral?

hear the word "cloning". Cloning has always been considered science fiction. A survey conducted by CNN showed that sixty-three percent of Americans think of recreating evil when they hear the words " ... racteristics are often outweighed by more deviant behaviors that are typical in their personality. (CNN, 1997.) Stories about a villain using cloning technology to conquer the world have been very pop ...

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New religion- Americanism.

s all religons Americanism has its Gods and its traditions. Typical Americanist works 24/7, watches CNN, listens to Britney Spears and "I-support-US-troops" American Idol Kelly Clarkson, eats by McDon ... w wave I was stunned. I'm student, but I can see clearly myself working 24/7 in the future, I watch CNN, even if I hate it and don't trust them a word. I used to listen to Britney in the times where s ...

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Business Ethics and Contemporary Corporate Thought.

"US consumer spending grows but experts warn of precarious outlook," is CNN'sweekend Market-Watch Headline. Another from ABC News is "Experts ExpressConcerns about Continui ...

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The importance of public opinion in the movie "Wag the Dog".

like an ad campaign, the songs and symbols are transmitted directly from a Hollywood soundstage to CNN. The star of their campaign is a "rescued" pilot, a psychotic military prisoner in reality, who' ...

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This essay is about latest news of hacking

ker accesses 5.6 million credit cardsVisa: No accounts have been used fraudulentlyFrom Fred KatayamaCNNfnTuesday, February 18, 2003 Posted: 12:16 PM EST (1716 GMT)NEW YORK (CNN) -- The hacker who brea ... on Visa and Mastercard accounts, far more than originally announced, the two card associations told CNN Tuesday.Monday, Visa and Mastercard said the hacker could look at as many as 2.2 million account ...

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The Jobless Rate.

I found the article while reading the business section of last week. It's subtitled "Historically speaking, unemployment could be a lot worse, but it ...

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Is the media largely responsible for violent crimes?- Expository Writing Choose Either Pro/Con - I chose PRO:

not just going over the crime, but also it is one of the motives of the crime. The media companies CNN, FOX NEWS, NBS, are always fighting to get to the story first, and the bigger the crime that the ...

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Just War Thoery Paper. well written with citations. done for a hard ethics teacher.

them from the air. This information was just arumor and there was no just cause of this attack ( on the contrary war is only permissible if its purpose is to retaliate agai ...

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Abstract of:Ozone talks fail over U.S. stanceReutersCNN.com20033 pp.This article in my view is very enlightening as to the complacent discontent that th ...

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The Global Influence of the Cable News Network - Why CNN is a biased news network.

CNN can be viewed in over 100 countries worldwide. The networks' global influence is absurd. In the ... el, and presidential and senatorial elections. Those two points alone have manipulated the minds of CNN's uninformed viewers. Senator Larry Craig (Idaho) says that CNN "has shown a blatant disregard o ... Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on ever since the creation of Israel. In recent years, CNN has begun focusing more and more on the issue. Unfortunately, CNN has not provided an unbiased p ...

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A Level Paying Field

years back obviously hurt baseball, and this lockout might hurt basketball also. John Donovan from CNN/SI summed it up perfectly, "You have greedy owners and you have greedy players, all of them figh ...

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Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana

rograms for patients suffering from glaucoma, cancer, and other life or sense-threatening diseases (" have already taken the right steps in path to the legalization of medicinal marijuana. It ...

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