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Hair Color

sses of adding artificial pigment to the natural hair color,adding artificial pigment to previously colored hair, adding artificial pigment toprelightened hair, and diffusing natural pigment and addin ...

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The Koala

The KoalaInroduction The koala is the Australian jewel. It has very furry, ash coloredhair, a rubbery black nose, sharp claws, fuzzy ears, and a grizzlypersonality, or should I sa ... sub-species of koala though, in which there is thetiniest difference. The southern one has a darker colored fur than the northern because it is colder in the south. The koala has only one relative, th ... cause of its extremely sharp claws. Its scientific name is Phascolarctos (pouched bear)cinerus (ash-colored.) An adult four year old koala eats 1.3 kg. (3 lb.) of eucalyptus per day. It also weighs 13 ...

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All Dyed Out.

Walking through the halls at school, I've seen many people with very eccentric colored hair. From black to electric green and streaks to spots, I have seen just about all of there ... le have approximately 120,000 hairs on their entire scalp. Oddly enough, individuals with different colored hair have a different amount of hair on their heads. Blonds have the most reaching as many a ...

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The Importance of Professional Work Attire Human Relations & Development

s showing up in jeans, purple sweat suits, and sneakers. Other applicants showed tattoos and bright colored hair. Still others chewed tobacco or showed up in wrinkled clothes or with their pants falli ...

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Albinism: Characteristics and symptoms, Causes and treatments

nd symptomsThe characteristics and symptoms of albinism are:- very light skin color- blondish-white colored hair- visual impairments that require glasses- tendency to sunburn easily,- hearing impairme ...

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"StarGirl" Written by Jerry Spinelli

san Caraway) and Leo Borlock. Stargirl is your everday plain jane from the seventy's. she has sandy colored hair and she doesn't fix it really fancy like most people at Mica high. She has freckles on ...

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"Broken Hearts" by R.L. Stine

d face with creamy white skin and large olive green eyes. Her pretty face was framed by long copper-colored hair, which she swept straight back over her shoulders, letting it flow down to her waist" M ...

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Descriptive Essay

ut on over the years, she thought about what she would be buying. After combing her delicate, pearl colored hair and spraying her dainty, sweet perfume, she heard the loud, squeaky horn of the transpo ...

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Personal Narrative

For these reasons and more, Ralph is my favorite character Ralph is around the age of 12, has fair colored hair and is built like a boxer. He becomes the leader of a small band of boys trapped on an ...

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The Truth About Punk Rock: Defining a Culture

h the "punk rock" sub-culture, or "scene," wherein drugs, alcohol, piercings, tattoos, and brightly colored hair are acceptable, or so it seems to an outsider. Most people that never get involved, how ...

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The Relationship Between Mothers And Their Children

lica of Shirley Temple."(53) This is extremely clearly claiming that the 'normal' was to have light-colored hair and blue eyes a physicality that was at one time maintain to be right by certain ISA's, ...

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The theme of lonliness in etha

han Frome played a significant part in creating his character. He was a tall, thin man. He had dark colored hair and dark eyes. He seemed a little rough around the edges and the scar on the side of hi ...

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1.5 Generation

d stepped into my new school, I felt like a freak. Everyone around me had > big, blue eyes, light > colored hair, and spoke English with ease. I, on the other hand, had small > dark brown eyes, black ...

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Mountain Gorrillas

have an arm spread of 9 feet. These gorillas are often called silverback gorillas for their silvery colored hair on their backs. Their1 size and flaring giant canine teeth is what makes most humans af ...

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"Latin and Hispanic women in Contemporary Film"

ery different from a Latina woman. An Anglo-American woman is typically white, with blonde or light colored hair, not very voluptuous and with fragile facial features. While a Latina woman is typicall ...

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