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than the Gulf of CARPENTARIA and the GREAT AUSTRALIAN BIGHT are few.A self-governing member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Australia celebrated its bicentennial in 1988z. It is a federation of five ...

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About England. Contains Government, Rulers, Ecomony, etc

of 7 million. It is also the capital of the United Kingdom and the site of the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations.England is triangular in shape. The eastern part is located by the North Sea ...

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1926 Balfour Report: Canada Achieves Greater Autonomy From Britain

nities within the British Empire, equal in status...and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations," which replaced the principle of hierarchal relationships. Based mainly on ... laying down the fundamental principles guiding the internal and external relations of the British Commonwealth. Acceptance of the Balfour Report of 1926 was one of the most important defining moment ...

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Jamaican Flag: very short description of the flag, meaning, and short history

same day the Jamaican flag came into use. The Jamaican flag came about from the idea of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The British Commonwealth of Nations aim was to get its different regions to ... eople of they?re past but motivates them to improve their future. When Jamaica became a part of the Commonwealth of Nations they achieved their independence. The cross on the flag is the St. Andrew cr ...

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Turning Points in Canadian History

The statute of Westminster is an agreement between Canada and Britain to grant Canada and all other commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand, to be equally separated from Britain. It allo ... ent on Britain. Soon after, the Balfour Declaration was established and this allowed Canada and the Commonwealth of Nations to have complete control over its foreign affairs. This was indeed a major t ...

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Australia should become a Republic - Persuasive Argument with Pros and Cons

s.Using South Africa for an example, becoming a republic does not mean that we won't be part of the Commonwealth. Countries like India and South Africa have are republics but remain part of the Common ... remain part of the Commonwealth. If Australia becomes a republic we can still compete and host the Commonwealth games and be allied with other Commonwealth Nations.Australia doesn't have to change it ...

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Understanding Society

mainder of its colonies. This connectedness still exists with the former colonies that now form the Commonwealth of Nations, the Cotonou Agreement that replaced The Lomé IV Convention in 2000 a ...

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Capital Punishment

d executing criminals.Coincident with this trend in Western Europe, many countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations, an association of countries formerly affiliated with the British Empire, el ...

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The Doctrine of Judicial Precedent

ilar sets of facts. This legal doctrine is present in common law legal systems such as those of the Commonwealth of Nations. A judge must follow any decision made by a higher court in a case with simi ...

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