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George Orwell and descriptions on some of his well known books

considered himself a Socialist. He was wounded in the fighting. Late in the war, Orwell fought the Communists and eventually had to flee Spain for his life. Orwell documented many of his experiences ...

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Mao's Communism: A short histography.

sts) in 1923, under orders from the Comintern. By 1927, however, the Nationalists had turned on the Communists, and a long civil war began, during which the Communists received little aid from Moscow. ... ittle aid from Moscow. Forced to retreat into the interior (the Long March of 1934-35), the Chinese Communists built their party on peasant support. During the Second Sino- Japanese War, which began i ...

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Communism Through The Eyes of George Orwell. Emphasizes on "Animal farm" and "1984"

ys, there is a strong autobiographical element due to the fact that he spent many years living with Communists in northern Great Britain (a small number of people started to follow Communism in northe ... someone is to defy The Party he will simply be erased. This was a reality in Russia even before the Communists came into control of the government.Under the czars, the Russian secret police had often ...

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Who Burned Down the Reichstag

of February 27,1933, a week beforethe end of a bitter campaign especially between the nazi's and thecommunists, the Reichstag building was burnt to the ground. A halfwitted Dutchmen, Van Der Lubbe was ... can be sure.There are explanations ofthis fire, 2 of which are:* It was caused by Van Der Lubbe and communists, and,* It was caused by Van Der Lubbe and a group of nazi's underthe order of Georing.A t ...

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Cuban Missile Crisis

ch are described below.Russia and America had two different ideologies, communism and democracy. Thecommunists believed that the whole world would eventually revolutionise andbecome communist and that ...

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Containment Policy. Speaks of George Kennan

he policy of containment fashioned a strategy to deal with the implacable challenge posed by Soviet Communists (Kennan, 582). Because of their ideology and history, the Soviets were held to be dangero ... ts center an almost messianic drive to undermine the capitalist enemy. As Kennan wrote in 1947, the Communists believed that for capitalism to perish, a final push was needed from a proletariat moveme ...

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Why the communists won the Chinese Civil War.

war against Chiang Kaishek's nationalist government the Kuomintang. In trying to understand why the Communists were victorious over a more than considerable opponent it is necessary to look to the yea ... ar (1945-1949) itself and at the conditions that prevailed in China.It is reasonably clear that the communists enjoyed much wider support from the peasantry than did the Kuomintang. A chief reason for ...

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The Current State Of Russia and It's Neighbouring Republics

the populous' (Leveler, 16). Many people felt as if their current hardships could be blamed on the communists and their economic policies, specifically their 'Core-Periphery' plan.The communist spons ... rom the transition to the market oriented economy have paved the way for much political opposition. Communists, the former leaders of the Soviet Union, were one of the first political movements to wag ...

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Essay written about the hero of the play, The Crucible.

usetts in 1692. He compares the trials to his time in which politicians were being accused of being communists. This essay is about the person that is portrayed as a hero in the play. The hero of this ...

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Red Scare Describes the causes and consequences of the Red Scare of 1919

ar of radicalism culminated in the persecution and deportation of Americans thought to be radicals (communists, anarchists, or socialists). An unprecedented event, the Red Scare of 1919 exhibits how p ... gun. Labor unions were seen as Bolshevik sponsored organizations, and union members were labeled as communists. America began to become afraid because they saw there way of life slipping away. This fe ...

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Battle of Saigon in Vietnam

It reminds them of the 1968 bloodshed, the bloodiest military campaign of the Vietnam War the North Communists launched against the south.American and South Vietnamese troops were taken by surprise by ...

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Strategies of War in Vietnam: Communism vs. America

m an independent country in 1954, and it would do anything in its power to protect the country. The Communists had fought and won a war against the French to gain back their country, and they had allo ... war would be too costly so they devised a new strategy to fight the war. Completely wiping out the Communists was not necessary, all America had to do was defeat the Communists will to fight. America ...

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Solidarity and it's impact on Communism in Poland. This is a research essay addressing how the Polish people struggled to overthrow communism in Poland. Bibliography included

e worldwide revolution was also fundamental to their communist ideology. From January of 1947, when communists in Poland won a rigged election until January 1989, when Solidarity candidates win all bu ... and graffiti damaged the regime's authority and brilliantly mocked the ludicrous pretensions of the communists.The international context changed in the 1970s and the socialist world was compelled to c ...

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Was Hitler alone the cause of world war two?- essay title summerised answer: only partly, due to other reasons such as the Treaty of Versailles, The Great Depression and more.

n its rise to power, would describe the Treaty as a "stab-in-the-back" by traitors such as Jews and communists, later named the "November Criminals", who set out to destroy Germany. They believed that ...

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Eric hobsbawm 's "Nations and Nationalism"

. After obtaining his PHD at Cambridge University, Hobsbawm joined the ranks of academic elites and communists. Thereon, he shone as an established historian, professor and author, still tailoring sub ...

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Communis and capitalism and which i would rath live in

ls of communism include the ending of classes and organized society without governments or borders. Communists believe that as in certain ethnic societies in the past and living still today, it is pos ... rganize themselves without war, crime, starvation and homelessness. When there are social problems, communists blame those problems on how society is organized. They want to organize society to bring ...

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Difficulties of African American's lives in this countries.

such as Omaha, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Over the years, political parties like the Socialists and Communists urged blacks to work for more extreme change. They were not successful. Black voters show ...

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The Chinese Holocaust, The Rape of Nang King.

h people were systematically murdered by the Nazi=s, along with almost as many gypsies, POWs, gays, communists, and resistors. But until now, few have been aware that there was a Holocaust in the Chin ...

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The overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz.

g Arevalo's term, Americans began to detect sins of Communism. Guatemala had long been a refuge for Communists in Latin America because of its openness. The number of homegrown Communists, however, ap ... e," the country had a complete paranoia of anything remotely communist. Americans were petrified of communists getting a foot in our backyards. In essence, by over throwing counties communist governme ...

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Was Hitler alone to blame for the outbreak of WWII? Causes and reasons.

n its rise to power, would describe the Treaty as a "stab-in-the-back" by traitors such as Jews and communists, later named the "November Criminals", who set out to destroy Germany. They believed that ...

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