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basic essay on computers from pc to mainframe with case study on networking

eral commercial on-line services provide connections to members who pay a monthly connect-time fee. CompuServe, America OnLine, Prodigy, Genie, and several others provide a tremendous range of informa ...

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AOL Kidnapped My Dog

chat channels everytime I said a word that they considered to be offensivesuch as 'sex', 'dog' or 'compuserve' I would get kicked off. At first I didn't know why, Ijust figured they were having troub ...

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Response to AOL contraversy article "American Online, while you can" by Bob Woods

ople in any given location can choose from at least fifteen national companies, such as sprintlink, compuserve, ameritech, erols and so on. Using these services are less expensive than America Online. ... e that many other options exist and break away from AOL and will find other providers. I think that Compuserve also thought this, by placing an ad during the Super Bowl stating 'We have the best inter ...

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Journalism on the Internet, Compares the Internet to other types of media

several reasons. It isenvironmentally safe, 'Publish without Paper', most are free, '$50a month on CompuServe', you can get any article from any year atthe touch of a button, and you can search for k ...

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omputer to customers whose terminals are used to retrieve data from the host. An example of this is CompuServe, whose host computer is accessed by means of the public telephone system. This and other ... inals use a public network. Source Mail (available through The Source) and EMAIL (available through CompuServe) enable terminals to transmit documents to a host computer. The documents can then be ret ...

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persuasive essay on Cenrorship of the Internet and the Tyrrany of Our Government

rnment 1), technology makes this possible. Internet providers, such as, America Online, Prodigy and CompuServe offer child functions to restrict sites determined by keywords, subject matter, or specif ...

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Worldcom Meltdown A current event speech. Describes the history of Worldcom and the downfall

rldCom's short history was the merger between MCI Communications Corp., Brooks Fiber Properties and CompuServe Corp., which included 40 billion dollars changing hands. The failed merger between WorldC ...

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The Telecommunications Industry .

sche Telecom)Wireless telephone providers (e.g. Vodafone, AirTouch)Data transmission services (e.g. CompuServe or GTS)Cable TVPagersInternet service providersThe telecommunications market in general i ...

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American frontier

out five years ago could only be accessed through internet service providers such as: AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe, TexasNet, and institution accounts. Now email can be retrieved and sent over the interne ...

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Who Am I? Who Are You... Really? Online personalities, they are as expendable and changeable as the daily changing of clothes. Comparisson of online identity essays

d Julie who was in reality a male psychiatrist, named Sanford Lewin. This started when he went into CompuServe as a woman to conduct an experiment. He found that her helped more people as a woman than ...

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Internet Censorship

al when the internet was young and of limited distribution. It was not until companies such as AOL, Compuserve, MSN and others succeeded in getting the common man (and woman) on the web that illicit m ...

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AOL Goes Far East

merica Online, Inc. Since then they managed to acquire other smaller online business such as ISQ or CompuServe. After four years of service in 1993, AOL was up to 500,000 members providing access to t ... f small Internet access providers and entrenched online services such as Nifty-Serve, a licensee of CompuServe Inc. The market is the same than U.S. Three years ago, about 5% of the households in the ...

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This Not A Title

TO: Mr. Harold Ginsberg PO Box 1663 Lorton, VA 22199-1663 You can also registering this software on CompuServe.Author: HAROLD GINSBERG CompuServe ID: [76660,3274] Program Title: NACA4GEN VERSION 2.1 R ... il this form with your payment to: Mr. Harold Ginsberg PO Box 1663 Lorton, VA 22199-1663 76660,

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Global Communications Benchmarking

tibank, creating a win-win situation for both companies (Simpson, 2004). In the cases of SunCom and CompuServe, both companies were acquired by larger, more successful companies. Ben & Jerry's was ... a return to shareholders and other stakeholders through packaged sale of the company (BGFFR, 2005).CompuServeCompuServe was established in 1969 by Jeffrey Wilkins to computerize his father-in-law's i ...

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Econimics-Merger between AOL a

rvices and content. The company provides two worldwide Internet online services, America Online and CompuServe, with approximately 16 million members. Other branded Internet services operated by Ameri ...

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Cyberporn on the Internet

ve other options. Child safe environments also have been created by major online service providers. CompuServe offers a kids' version of WOW!, which lets parents screen their kids' incoming e-mail, ha ...

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Should a company select proprietary, open source, or free software for its most important business information systems?

s, UNK) were in their infancy and really only performed basic tasks. I can remember browsing around CompuServe's file areas looking for applications to do anything from keeping track of my home invent ...

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