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Animated Film Critique for Lightwave 3D animation class. A look at "Final Fantasy: The spirits within"

sequences that conveyed real emotions, this visually spectacular production proved that done right, computer generated 3D animation and visual effects can compete with the narrative power of tradition ... ilm layer upon layer, board upon board, model upon model to end in the final product. A good use of computer and graphic arts to do what good movies do; tell a good story.

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The Communications Decency Act

berspacewas a consensual hallucination that felt and looked like a physical space but actually was acomputer-generated construct representing abstract data.' (1) When Gibson coined thatphrase he had n ... that it would become the household word that it is today. 'Cyberspacenow represents a vast array of computer systems accessible from remote physical locations.'(Cavazos 2)The Internet has grown explos ...

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Drama and how it got started

y the effects used by the directors of movies are changing the lighting, the camera angles, and the computer generated Special Effects.During the Elizabethan era in England, Shakespeare looked back to ...

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"THe Matrix" .

e cerebrum kept trying to wake up from." - Agent Smith"What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world, built to keep us under control" - MorpheusThe Matrix is a neural int ... omeone is going to disagree causing conflict and suffering for another. Even though the matrix is a computer program and a persons mind is locked within it, that doesn't mean that a person's actual pe ...

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ding child pornography, is defensible without regard to the means. There is no difference between a computer-generated picture of a naked person posing with the intent to excite and one that actually ... one that actually involves real people. There are, however, major objections to child pornography, computer generated or not. Any sex act, picture, or piece of literature involving children is morall ...

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What is QuickTime VR technology?

y and rotate objects in three dimensions. The user prepares visual material for QuickTime VR from a computer generated 3D artwork from a series of photographs. To use the photographs, the object must ... sion that you are moving through a real space.ComparisonsQuickTime VR can be played on most desktop computers, whilst VMRL CPU intensive floating-point mathematical algorithms require fast computation ...

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Matrix and the Myth of the Cave mix between movie and philosophy

e soon meet's a character named Morpheus, who enlightens Neo by showing him he has been living in a computer generated world which is controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Meaning Neo's life up to th ...

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Comparing and contrasting the use of digital technology in 'The Matrix' and 'Toy Story'

18 years and we see the release of Toy Story. The first widely released movie ever to be completely computer generated, revolutionising cinema, animation and to a degree acting. Both movies were hugel ... alled Pixar. Who are well on their way to becoming as famous as the former by releasing a string of computer animated box office hits, the most recent being Finding Nemo. Toy Story however was by no m ...

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Plato's "The Allegory of the Cave" and The Matrix

in "The Allegory of the Cave." On the other hand, The Matrix portrays the human race enslaved in a computer generated world of false reality. Neo, once enslaved, is now released in the "real world" a ...

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"Ancient Civilizations: Rome and Pompeii" 2002. DVD Review

ey did in fact fall very short of that mark.This film becomes repetitive early on with its constant computer image layovers depicting what ancient buildings would have looked like. One would hope to l ... arn more about the Ancient Romans than what their squares and monuments would have looked like. The computer generated tour around Rome had more of a feeling of a travel video than that of a historica ...

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Graphics Processors

Grant Paap Computer Architecture Project Fall 001 Graphic Processor Trends and Technology Introduction ... Technology Introduction Computer generation of three-dimensional worlds is nothing new. A computer-generated graphic can be made with a high degree of accuracy using software methods. Howeve ... e. To generate this million of complex calculations have to be made on the fly and thrown up on the computer screen. Unfortunately, CPUs are made to be the jack-of all trades in a system but tend to f ...

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Ark Of Covenant

determines the aspects of the program you can connect with and 'read'.These programs are not unlike computer generated holograms. In third dimension the frequency is very slow to allow souls to experi ...

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