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"Roseanne and The Kiss"

ected." I thought to myself (immediately) "well, that's a big improvement from a few years ago when condom ads weren't even allowed on television." Then I noticed, it had the gay symbols of the upside ...

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Contraceptives in Schools:Why should contraceptives be available in schools? More than half American teenagers have had sexual intercourse and face significant sexual health risks.

rlier than ever; teenagers are having babies; and worst of all, people are dying. There needs to be condom availabity in our schools. I know that is touchy situation, but I strongly believe we need to ... ion is not proven to be effective. These kinds of unwanted situations can be prevented by utilizing condoms or other contraceptives. Being a mother at the age of 15, I have first-hand experience. We n ...

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Death stalks a continent: The effects of aids in Africa and it's people.

ource of income. At another house, the wife was branded a whore when she asked her husband to use a condom, beaten silly and thrown into the streets. Over there lies a man desperately sick without acc ... ut AIDS." Volunteers like Fugewane try to reach out with flyers, workshops, youth meetings and free condoms, but they are frustrated by a culture that values its dignity over saving lives. "People her ...

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of 20-29.Prevention of Syphilis!Syphilis can be prevented to a greater degree by constant use of a condom, and an early diagnosis is needed to prevent an ongoing transmission of the bacterium.General ...

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Safe Sex?

ng softly at first, then fervently. You tug at each other's clothes and both kneel to the sand. The condom comes on. You join in passionate lovemaking, then relax, hearing only the gentle waves and ea ... s breathing, grateful that you are comfortable in mutual care and that all is safe.Or is it?Was the condom you used enough to keep you safe? Aside from the emotional and psychological implications of ...

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Sexualy sanity assignment

g to control pregnancy the main method of preventing pregnancy is the use of a contraceptive, (e.g. condom or "the pill".The oldest illustrations of a condom date back 3,000 years ago. Rubber condoms ... dest illustrations of a condom date back 3,000 years ago. Rubber condoms were first made in 1844. A condom has and probably will never be 100% safe, although many young teenagers think they are and su ...

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Abortion: Women's Empowerment

omething of myself. I've accomplished to much to screw my future over. even if I did make a mistake/condom broke/got drunk. To further my abilities to get an abortion, I will use Women who have been v ...

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Should condoms be given out in highschool? I do believe condoms should be given out in highschool.

High Schools' Should Make Condoms Available to StudentsOne of today's growing arguments is whether or not condoms should be di ... uted in high schools. Should schools take the responsibility and make it easy for teens to obtain a condom? Should schools encourage safe sex, or only push for abstinence? These are some of the questi ... he questions parents and for me being a parent I have to ask myself in when deciding for or against condoms in high schools. And by looking around my own environment and what is plainly to see many te ...

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That government schools should have condom vending machines

Condom vending machines promote safe sex.Ladies and Gentlemen, we should have condom vending machine ... ng machines in government schools.I'll be arguing the following points> That the availability of condoms within schools will not and does not promote teen sexual activity.>That this system has b ... tudents make the right decisions in regards to sex, where a vital part would be the availability of condoms via vending machines within schools.Now for my first point, that the availability of condoms ...

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Methods of Preventing HIV Aids

eople who do engage in either of these activities, the methods for preventing HIV infection include condoms, lubricant, sterile needles and syringes, methadone and bleach.CondomsThese are available fo ... m supermarkets, chemists and vending machines in toilets of hotels, colleges and universities. Free condoms can be obtained from Sexual Health Centres, Needle Exchanges and some Community Health Centr ...

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An essay which responds to the question of peer pressure. It is written in the first person and should not be used outside of lit 1001

ng. From my family I would hear, "I know you are probably involved with a lot of woman, just wear a condom and don't bring home any babies". On the surface that seems to be normal, but I never receive ...

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Women and abortion

ually wanted by the teenagers in our society, whether they had made a mistaken and forgot to wear a condom or just chose not to wear one. This article is stating that our government is going to start ...

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Emergency Pill

e used within 72 hours after unprotected sex or when contraception is compromised, such as a broken condom. The passed law allowed anyone over the age of 18 to obtain emergency contraceptives from a p ...

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The Outsiders

to get racism letters by a unknown person. To one day it went to far, there was about five boxes of condom stuffed in her locker. She has keep all of the condom but only told her best friend named Sas ... Whites and Indian. Then Sasha came into the room to tell Cory that she found out who put the condom in her locker. Then had a plan to get back at the person who it. The next day, Sasha a ...

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Death Strikes A Continent - Aides In Africa

neighbor being tossed into the streets and labeled a whore because she asked her husband to wear a condom. You witness the critically ill people without a doctor or medicine or food or clothing. You ... is however some existing programs in place such as "safe-sex"� campaign promoting the use of condoms. Brazil has donated medicines, replicas of expensive drugs made by global pharmaceuticals fi ...

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s laid in front of you later in the near future. Let's continue right on with the story."You mean a condom?" replied Jennifer."Yes a condom, what else a monkey?" answered Louise."Don't worry I will ge ... o the party and slept with the guy that had asked her out prior to the party. The couple had used a condom for safe sex and to prevent conception. It's been a week now and Jennifer started to feel nau ...

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No Mommy, I'm Alive

s a special bond with the baby by this point. Women who do not want to become pregnant should use a condom or birth control. No baby is an accident. Women who get pregnant with an unwanted baby are ir ...

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er topic that I feel needs to be discussed is unwanted pregnancies. Not in the sense where oops the condom slipped or ooh I thought pulling out worked. Because honestly those people should in my opini ...

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hat you created? It is not the baby's fault that you let your boyfriend have sex with you without a condom. It is not the baby's fault that your man left you after you told him that you got pregnant. ... and got pregnant. All of the above were choices made by you. You chose to sleep with him without a condom; you're the idiot that picked a dickhead for a boyfriend. So why, if all this was your fault, ...

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Comprehensive Sex Education

, and it won't work for sex either.2. Body a. Some schools have started giving free condoms out to students to make it more likely that teens will use them. Buying condoms from a store ... be a potentially embarrassing situation, especially if the student would have to show ID or if the condoms were kept in a glass case in the store. Either of these situations could discourage students ...

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