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Birth defects

s. because she was only twenty-fiveand therefore not at high risk. besides, there was no history of congenitaldefects in either Lorraine's or her husband's family. Thus when their son Jeremy was born ... the mean average is about 70 and follow up studies indicate that no great improvement is likely.d) Congenital abnormalities: Health defects occur in up to 50 percent of cases and skeletal defects are ...

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isorders such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects.Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, FAS, is a congenital disorder which is characterized by a variety of physical and behavioral traits that resul ... ly, FAS/FAE patients typically have complex medical needs associated with their higher than average congenital anomalies. Infants with FAS are at risk for CNS problems, therefore, they must be careful ...

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This is about a disorder called Spina Bifida and it is a long report

Title-Spina BifidaProblemIdentify and compare a human congenital disorder. Explain how it occurs, its frequency in general populations, its symptoms, and ... g a gap or split causing damage to the central nervous system. Scientists believe Spina bifida is a congenital disorder because some women show tendencies to have children with this disorder when beco ...

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Down Syndrome

l ethnicity, social economic classes, and gender. In, Down Syndrome is defined as a "congenital disorder by an extra chromosome on the chromosome 21 pair." Although there are many theor ... orn with Down Syndrome may have a high risk of medical problems as well. These problems consist of: congenital heart defects, respiratory problems, and childhood leukemia. However, not all these medic ...

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Work Cited

Down syndromeDown syndrome is a disorder that includes a combination of birth defects; among children, some degree of mental retarda ... and pneumonia. They also are at increased risk of thyroid problems and leukemia. Children with the disorder should receive regular medical care including standard childhood immunizations.After have h ...

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Rubella Virus

rson. If a women who get Rubella during the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus could get CRSCongenital Rubella Syndrom(CRS) infects newborn babies. Infections with Rubella virus can be disastr ... virus can be disastrous in early gestation. The virus may infect all organs and cause a variety of congenital defects. Infection could lead to fetal death, spontaneous abortion, or premature delivery ...

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A Look at Arthrogryposis.

c cause for muscular atrophy cannot be identified. Suspected causes include muscle diseases such as congenital muscular dystrophies, maternal fever during pregnancy, and viruses, which may damage cell ... the problem.If worse comes to worse, the last solution is surgery. Surgery may be used to treat the congenital deformities that frequently occur in conjunction with arthrogryposis. Surgery is usually ...

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Spinal Bifida

Spina bifida is a neural tube defect, one of the most common of the congenital malformations. The other two types of neural tube defect, includes anencephaly and craniu ...

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Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

small eye openingsc) Neuro-developmental abnormalities: Sleep and sucking disturbances in infancyd) Congenital abnormalities: fingers, toes, arms, and hand bones show skeletal defectse) Poor reasoning ...

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the back of the neck, bright spots on the kidneys or heart, short arms or legs, reduced head size, congenital heart disease, and gastrointestinal problems. Although there is no cure for Down syndrome ...

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s not shorten the life of a person with poldactyly. "When looking for the genetic basis of a congenital hand malformation, the technique of choice is the so-called "indirect gene tracking". Thi ... the inheritance pattern. This method provides the possibility to search for the hereditary basis of congenital disorders without previous knowledge about the gene and the protein it is coding for." (h ...

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A Mother's Loss : Fetal Ascites

octor began to explain that the baby had transmitted a fetal cytomegalovirus infection, which was a congenital disorder, characterized by hydrops, ascites, and other findings. Considering my overall a ...

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The Born Criminal

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Down syndrome

abnormality is present in all ethnicity, social economic classes, and gender which is defined as a "congenital disorder by an extra chromosome on the chromosome 21 pair." Although there are many theor ...

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How Lithium Effects Baby?

research showed that some of the babies were affected by their mother’s use of lithium causing congenital malformations, neural-tube defects, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and premature deliverie ...

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