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Civil War Facts

nd anti slave states. (36 -30)2)3) John Calhoun: (1782-1850) Political leader who was United States congressman, Secretary of war, Vice President (1825-1832) senator and secretary of state. He support ... l Webster: Practice as a lawyer before the United States supreme court and serve as a United States congressman (1813-1817, 1823-1827). United States senator (1827-1841,1845-1850) and United States se ...

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A report on Charles Lindbergh's legendary flight

1902, to Charles Lindbergh, Sr.,and Evangeline Land Lodge. His father was a lawyer and later a U.S. congressman. Hismother taught chemistry at the local high school. Although he was born in Detroit, h ...

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The Legislative Process.

ly started when an idea for gain and or profit for big business, interest groups, constituents, and Congressman/Congresswoman political advancement are thought of. Sometimes, an interest group and Con ... cement are thought of. Sometimes, an interest group and Congressman/Congresswoman, big business and Congressman/Congresswoman, or constituents and Congressman/Congresswoman conjointly conceive legisla ...

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Short story: "Defender of the Faith".

arrett," Grossbart believes he can go even further. He forges his father's signature on a letter to Congressman Franconi, complaining about the food at training camp. When Captain Barrett receives a p ... e given Captain Barrett and Sgt. Marx go to talk to Grossbart concerning the letter received by the Congressman. Two days later another letter addressed to the Congressman is passed down the chain of ...

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The Advantages of Incumbency. My essay about how incumbents of congress have superior advantages over their opponents.

t into the advantages that incumbents have over their opponents. He stated that out of all things a congressman can do to win re-election, pork barreling and casework are the most powerful tools he ca ... ion, pork barreling and casework are the most powerful tools he can use. He went on to state that a congressman's lawmaking activities are programmatic and much more controversial than pork barreling ...

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A letter to a congressman expressing that the gulf of tonkin resolution was unconstitutional

Dear congressman,Today on August 7th 1964 my fellow colleagues in Congress have made a terrible decision ... thereof." This resolution is clearly opposed to that section of the Constitution. I am not the only Congressman who feels this way; Senator Wayne Morse also expressed similar concern to this resolutio ... titution of the United States, article I, section 8, thereof by means of this resolution."My fellow congressman, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution goes against our country's system of checks and balances, ...

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Mark Udall, political science, election process, constituancey, qoutes from Richard F Fenno, Jr.s 'The American Political Science Review.

constituency a representative reacts to is the constituency he or she sees (Fenno, 883)." Once the congressman can understand the particulars of specific towns in their district, he can then begin to ... ual or potential conflict ( Fenno 886)." One of the benefits of having a Homogenous district is the congressman is better able to identify the general consensus of what is socially acceptable, issues ...

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Civil War: Prelude to the Civil War

e state, it would have tipped the balance in the Senate in favor of the south. However, there was a congressman named James Tallmadge of New York who tried to amend the Missouri statehood bill to requ ...

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America and the struggle with Britian

like taking away peoples natural rights.John C. Calhoun, a Democratic-Republican member and also a congressman once asked the question, "what shall we do, abandon or defend our own commercial and mar ...

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Research Paper for English Composition I "Lincoln and ESP"

strong desire to right social wrongs. He won a seat in Illinois state legislature (1834-41), was a congressman in the House of Representatives (1847-49), and started election to the U.S. Senate (1858 ...

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Movie Review of "Disguished Gentlemen" starring Eddie Murphy. This movie satirizes what goes on in Congress.

g a chairman of a committee for calling a sex hotline. The sleaziness of Congressmen is showed when Congressman Jeff Johnson dies for having sex with his secretary. Congressmen Jeff Johnson was known ... cognition. Murphy decides that he should try this scheme. Murphy mentioned all the perks of being a Congressman such as an office suit, high salary, travel money, and his own staff; his friends. Murph ...

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The Life of Charles Lindbergh

Lindbergh, Sr., a lawyer, and his wife, Evangeline Lodge Land. Lindbergh's father served as a U.S. congressman from Minnesota from 1907 to 1917.n childhood, Lindbergh showed exceptional mechanical ab ...

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Comparing and Contrasting the House and Senate.

ate population. Senators stay in office for six years and must be at least 30 years old, where as a Congressman is elected for 2 years and at least 25 years old. But putting numbers aside both a Senat ...

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Children's Online Privacy And Protection Act Of 1998

n the floor of the House why he supported the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. The Congressman cited a March of 1998 study of children's websites conducted by the Federal Trade Commis ...

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Micheal Dell

analysis of the situation and methods of handling the scandal only made the situation worse for the congressman.As PR counsel to the congressman I would a have steered him in a different direction and ... ese steps we would be able to simplify a complicated process. Hopefully with the simplification the congressman would appear more trustworthy, compliant, and eager to sacrifice for the greater good of ...

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Campaign Finance

andidates are being financed by wealthy Americans who then in return are better represented by that congressman. The average American person cannot afford to support their elected officials in such wa ...

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James Madison Biography

tes Government into what it is today. Studying hard all through out college to obtain the role of a congressman, then on to work as secretary of state, and that lead to two full term presidencies not ...

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Charles Lindbergh Review

that the author has unearthed--facts that he claims help to "flesh out the man." The son of a U.S. congressman who spoke out against American involvement in World War I, Charles was an undisciplined ...

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Dear: Congressman I am writing you this letter to explain my views on some issues that deal with every day ...

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Capital Punishment

rson might think before executing the crime. Edward Koch, who has been district leader, councilman, congressman, and mayor says, "human life deserves special protection, and one of the best ways to gu ... rson might think before executing the crime. Edward Koch, who has been district leader, councilman, congressman, and mayor says, "human life deserves special protection, and one of the best ways to gu ...

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