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Stem Cell research paper.

positive impact in finding a cure for a wide range of diseases including Parkinson's disease, while conservative groups have compared the use of embryonic stem cells to abortion. This has prompted the ... se scientists harvest the stem cells from days old embryos causing the embryo to be destroyed. Many conservative groups compare this to the abortion. (Cook) Religious groups propose that the moment a ...

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What is a family?

Answering this question is not as easy as it might seem. Many conservative groups, whose agenda includes protection of what they view as the "traditional" family, ...

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Against Prayer in School - Why prayer should not be part of the school system.

ch and state through the wording of this legislation. Although the "Religious Right" and many other conservative groups of people believe that prayer should be a mandatory requirement of the education ...

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Issue paper based on article regarding Congress' stance on assisted suicide.

at federally-regulated drugs may not be used to facilitate state-sanctioned assisted suicide." Many conservative groups, like the Family Research Council and the Third Branch Conference, are urging Co ...

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Nothing to fear from pornography: Pornography in our society

these individuals listen to the falls allegations made against pornography by the church and other conservative groups and individuals in our society, and overtime these individuals begin to believe ... e religious groups would lose money.Another source of the idea that pornography is harmful, are the conservative individuals in our society. These are the people who make it there personal mission to ...

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Doing Gender - How Society Creates Differences Between Girls and Boys

l or any other recognizable orientation. The 'fixed in stone' two-gender system is touted byvarious conservative groups, especially in some socio-political or religious arenas. It differs from country ... d.", I screwed my nose up at her, to her surprise, and said, "Ha ha! That's so silly!" Because of a conservative Christian upbringing and beingaway from the rest of the world, my knowledge of western ...

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Child Rights

.The United States does comply with many of the articles, but did notratify it due to opposition by conservative groups who believe it is'anti-family'. As of 2006, it has been ratified by 192 out of 2 ...

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The Christian Identity Movement

HE CHRISTIAN IDENTITY MOVEMENTThe Christian Identity MovementThe Christian Identity MovementSecular conservative groups often work with the Christian Right to nominate the most conservative Republican ... volved in recruiting and training candidates and campaign directors in an effort to help elect very conservative Republicans to Congress, some of whom were Christian conservatives. Today the two organ ...

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