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A brief two and a half page essay over Church vs. State (most specifically talking about Madalyn O'Hair)

"Church vs. State"The first amendment of the constitution states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or pro ... ce on it. That influence had apparently crossed the line and created traditions, which abridged her constitutionally protected rights. She argued that saying a prayer within the walls of a publicly fu ... whether she states this because she would like to point out that she is willing fight for anyone's constitutionally protected rights or whether she will fight for any underdog. In both cases, that st ...

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Why I am optomistic about America.

matter what our race or what we believe in. We still were created by the one truly divine being.Our constitution has stood the test of two hundred and twenty-five years of ratifying and repealing of a ... of two hundred and twenty-five years of ratifying and repealing of amendments. The preamble to our constitution states our nation's mission statement: " order to form a better Union..." Clearly ...

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Martin Luther King said people have a responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

changed. If she hadn't disobeyed the law,that law might not have changed for a much longer time.The constitution states "all men are created equal," so they should all be treated the same,but the blac ...

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The First Amendment.

mble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.-- The First Amendment to the U.S. ConstitutionStudent: Jessica MenjivarThe First Amendment of the United States Constitution states: " ... touch religion. That's why they had the problem with so many schools violating the law either by unconstitutionally promoting religion or by unconstitutionally denying the religious-liberty right of ...

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How a Bill Becomes a Law. A comprehensive look at the complicated process of a bill becoming a law. Includes a title page.

n draft bills. Other bills, or the ideas and inspirations for them, come from private citizens. The Constitution states, "all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, ... oint resolution. Joint resolutions deal with unusual or temporary matters. They are used to propose Constitutional amendments and territorial annexations. Another resolution is a concurrent resolution ...

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Should handguns be banned? "The Need to Live - The Need to Ban Guns"

close to a solution. Guns should be banned.The fact that the second amendment in the United State's Constitution states that an individual has the right to bear arms, has been over-stretched and erron ...

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This essay explains why it was ok to display the 10 commandments in an alabama court house.

All throughout U.S. history there have been numerous disputes over what the constitution wants and what it truly means .It was written this way on purpose, to be interpreted th ... that the ten commandments on display in the rotunda of the Alabama courthouse dose not violate the constitution in any manner.The first amendment of our constitution states that everyone should be gi ... would be just as suppressed as they would be any where else .As said by Greg Knapp no where in the constitution dose it say the ten commandments should not be there. The only violation of the constit ...

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Censorship & Freedom of Speech on Music

d against them because of religious reasons. In any event, the first amendment to the United States Constitution states clearly that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ... 2003<>.United States. First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 1788.Voltaire. "I may disagree . . ." Voltaire quotes. 2003.

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'The American President is the executive, whereas the British Prime Minister is merely the head of government.' How significant is this distinction?

Article II of the US constitution states: "executive power shall be invested in a President". It then goes on to define t ... ntionally, the British Prime Minister has been the "first among equals", and the uncodified British constitution does little in the way of definition of the office. These roles seem very different in ... is not afraid to challenge the President if need be. Some argue that, although it appears that the constitution defines the President's powers, it is actually rather vague in its wording, and leaves ...

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The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states,"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, ther ... ia, and not to the individual's right to beararms. There can also be no serious claim to any expressconstitutional right of an individual to possess a firearm. Althoughthe Supreme Court has not issued ... social issues such as crimes and drugs.People against gun control feel that it is a violation to theConstitution to control the distribution and sale of guns and gunowners. It is also necessary for th ...

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'Major lobbying campaigns typically involve a combination of personal visits, issue analysis, political contributions, grass roots appeals, and public information campaigns.' (Lehne 2001).

on been more successfully used or applied to a greater multitude of objectives than in America.'The constitution states that 'Congress should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or pr ... to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances'. Hence giving Americans the constitutional right to form and join interest groups.Today lobbying refers to all of the attempts b ...

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Gay Marriages...My teacher asked us to write an essay on gay marriages, and if we thought they would be legalized all over the US. Because of the "full faith and credit act" states have...

American GovernmentGay MarriagesOur Constitution states that our fundamental rights are the right to have an abortion, relatives living ... aception, marriage, procreation, and an education. The main problem with gay marriages is under the Constitution you do not have a fundamental right to same-sex marriages. Although the Constitution do ... s, but this poses a problem on a much larger scale because of the full faith and credit act and the constitutional issues.While many heterosexuals are against gay marriage because of religious beliefs ...

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Wuthering Heights

es whether it be self control or just the right to choose his or her own destiny. The United States Constitution states that, " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, ...

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3 major restraints that the government has on the media

no medium of communication that is completely free of government power. The First Ammendment to the Constitution states that the government may not censor the press, except under defiant circumstances ...

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Why Banning Same-sex Marriage is Unconstitutional By Michi Metas

d that mixed race couples could marry anywhere in the United States. Banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional because of what is stated in the 14th amendment, the first amendment, and the three u ... e first amendment, and the three unalienable rights of American citizens.The first amendment of the constitution states this (as many know through common knowledge):Congress shall make no law respecti ...

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Civil Right

Civil rights are those personal and property rights recognized by governments and guaranteed by constitutions and laws. Although these rights were once conceived of as civil liberties, as limits p ... ights against individuals and groups.Rights are difficult to define. The Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution states certain basic rights, but ambiguity shrouds the meaning of almost every importan ...

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"People make places and prejudice governs place", a geographical study.

people of America have moulded their place into one where its peoples may live in freedom as their constitution states. The extent to which a place can be moulded is reliant on the amount of power wh ... ration of Independence it took a powerful and respected man like George Washington to bring about a constitution that preserved states but within a secure union. "Washington was such a respected figur ...

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When you read the constitution do you think that it is a democratic plan for government?

When you read the constitution do you think that it is a democratic plan for government? The constitution clearly stat ... essed properly for a democratic plan of government.The first piece of evidence that proves that the constitution is not a democratic plan for government lies in the rights of woman. Their rights were ... ratic plan for government lies in the rights of woman. Their rights were violated many times in the constitution. In article VI line 7 the constitution states "...process for obtaining witnesses in hi ...

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clause two of the United States Constitutionstates, "under the Authority of the United States, [the Constitution]shall be the suprem ... of the fact thatthe current activist government is pursuing inconsistent policies,many believe the Constitution has become irrelevant because no guidingprinciples seem to exist. Thomas Jefferson once ... ferred to as a "living" document because of its regularalteration and reexamination; therefore, the Constitution has notbecome irrelevant in defining the goals of American government. Thiswill be show ...

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other high crimes and misdemeanors" may be impeached. Although treason and bribery are obvious, the Constitution is silent on what constitutes a "high crime." Several commentators have suggested that ... chable offense.The standard for impeachment among the judiciary is much broader. Article III of the Constitution states that judges remain in office "during good behavior," implying that Congress may ...

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