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The Changing Face of Basketball

more than two steps with the ball, which meant one would have to dribble it and it was not to be a contact sport, so one was not allowed to tackle or push, etc... or a foul would be called. The rules ...

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Accidents in Pro Sports

and do happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. This statement is very true when dealing with a physical contact sport like hockey. There is a certain amount of risk involved in playing any sport. When an ... d.Injury to the shoulder is the most common hockey injury in the game today because of the physcial contact. Of the injuries reported in the 1993-1994 hockey season, 12% of those were shoulder related ...

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Debate: Is there violence in sports? This debate covers the aspects of violent behaviors that occur on the playing field and off. This debate covers the pro side of the argument.

lence is not new to the sports scene: Back in the day Baseball Great Ty Cobb turned baseball into a contact sport. When Cobb met up with Pitcher Carl Mays he ended up gashing Mays leg open with his me ... e lives whether it is beating their wives or raping someone. Tests have shown that athletes playing contact sports such as football are more susceptible to become violent in their private lives. Mike ...

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Bad side of sports

iseases? Well, wrestling is a common sport and this sport you are wrestling with a person with full contact and you are less likely to be prevented from any diseases. If a person had a ringworm for in ... likely to be prevented from any diseases. If a person had a ringworm for insists you are easily in contact with the person and you become in contact with this contagious disease. Times are cha ...

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Life : Senior Reflection Essay

ese girls at practice would make my day. Soccer is a definite stress relief, partly because it is a contact sport and also because I could just have fun and work hard with the most influential people ...

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Wrestling Wrestling is a body-contact sport in which two contestants attempt to pin each other's shoulders to a padded mat. They e ...

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Sports as a Hobby

rt out there for anyone. Football, baseball, and golf are just a few to name.Football is known as a contact sport. Players that play this sport must be in shape and very strong. They also must be able ... le to know the sport and the players to be able to play the game.Unlike football, baseball is not a contact sport. Players need to be able to run a good distance. They have to learn what the coach?s s ...

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The Greatest Games

involved in the game of hockey have to be much more protected than those in soccer, as hockey is a contact sport and even the players that avoid physical play have a chance of getting hit with the pu ...

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