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Greek philosopher Hippocrates.

what is known is based indirectly on authors who lived at least 200 years after his death. The only contemporaries or near contemporaries who mention him are Plato, Aristotle, and Menon, a pupil of Ar ...

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Henry Lawson and Barbara Baynton: a comparison of the treatment of women in the works of these two early Australian authors.

Henry Lawson, like most of his contemporaries gave little consideration to women in the majority of his poems and stories. The Aust ...

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The Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle. Speaks of Darwin's life

ltures that he hadnever known first-hand before. He was exposed to environments thatnot many of his contemporaries saw and lived the life that few did.Was his epic journey merely a series of trips to ...

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Jesus Social Stance and Conflict with Judaism

ut he had some new ideas that somehow threaten the old Jew traditions. He lived in harmony with his contemporaries, and the reason of his trial might be his political activity. Sometimes he has been l ...

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Compare and contrast the style of commands of Ghengis Kahn and Napoleon. Incl. Strategy and Operations, and army organization. In what areas did they succeed over their contemporaries?

erence to Strategy and Operations, and army organization. In what areas did they succeed over their contemporaries?My Answer:Almost 600 years separated the rise of Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte- ...

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Lawrence R. Tenzer,White slavery and the civil war

ds of Northerners and Southerners alike. This isthe topic of white slavery. Tenzer argues that many contemporaries knew itexisted and were deeply shocked. This helped to lead them to oppose theextensi ...

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Ernest Hemmingway's In Our Time - an essay comparing the lost generation and the people in Hemmingway's short stories.

bout the tough psychological and physical scars of war, and about the apathy and hypocrisy of their contemporaries in the US and abroad. Ernest Hemingway clearly describes this feeling of apathy and g ...

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Comparing paintings of picasso, Titian, and Manet.

ideals. Two aspired to their own personal vision, while the other followed in the footsteps of his contemporaries.Titian's, VENUS OF URBINO, 1538, was painted for Guidobaldo II, duke of Urbino (Fig. ...

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Biography of James Madison's life...this paper discusses his education, achievements, his background, and his contemporaries.

of his academic independence, Scottish practicality, honesty, and sincerity. The works of his other contemporaries also influenced Madison, among them were: John Locke, Isaac Newton, Jonathan Swift, D ...

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Darwin's analogy with artificial selection to show that natural selection occurs in our environment.

On the Origin of Species presented Darwin's contemporaries with two major proposals. The first proposal was that of "decent with modification", ...

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The role of Difficulty in John Donne's Love poems.

h exactly why Donne uses them. In this aspect of his writing he was dramatically different from his contemporaries and they found this difference hard to grasp. Jonson's comment that Donne would peris ... tell whether this is criticism or praise but it does show that Donne was regarded as obscure by his contemporaries.The words which he uses and the analogies that are made can be so complex that simply ...

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Durkheim's study of suicide rates and the social facts that affect societies and individuals within those societies

disposition (Morrison 1995, p 164). It was considered to be the ultimate individual act. Unlike his contemporaries who believed that influences such as inherited mental disorder resulted in suicide, E ...

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The significance of the 'Cogito' for Cartesian and modern philosophy.

studied and taught. Philosophy's renaissance from scholasticism was to come with Descartes and his contemporaries when the European world was reflecting and analysing the new discoveries and achievem ...

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Tutorial Questions and Study Notes on the early Church Fathers.

iddle Ages with the material needed to summarise the past as an introduction to the writings of his contemporaries. The volume of translations he compiled were also of great significance, particularly ...

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This is for a chinese culture class.

Chu Hsi can be credited has being the mean or the center between philosophical extremes held by his contemporaries. He also with out a doubt was the largest compiler of commentaries on the classical c ... understanding that Chu Hsi was a real person who compiled, borrowed, and added to the ideas of his contemporaries as well as ad his own ideas is was made him so successful. "Although Zhu Xi (Chu Hsi) ...

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A report on several of Vonnegut's works.

ters of the twentieth century. At first, he was pegged as a mere pulp/science fiction writer by his contemporaries, but he later gained popularity among college students of the Vietnam generation. His ...

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Dino Compagni's notion that internal discord was the result of Florentine discord.

he believes the internal strife among her citizens was the backbone of a beautiful city's undoing. Contemporaries who have read Machiavelli's works, without a proper grasp of Italian life at his time ...

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Oroonoko by Aphra Behn - how tragic lives of main characters are perfect examples of the theme of alienation and its effects on man's search for identity.

different writing styles, dialect, or mood, represent the attitudes shared by many of the writer's contemporaries. Thus, we are able to recognize the changes man has endured morally, spiritually, int ...

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How did Wordsworth arrive at the choice of subject for the Prelude?

eorganized the original ten books into twelve, appeared in 1674. It was greatly admired by Milton's contemporaries and has since then been considered the greatest epic poem in the English language. Th ...

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How Shakespeare was a fraud and how Edward de Vere was the true author of the Shakespearian works.

f a Shakespeare's... intimate acquaintance with the inner court circles as has been implied by such contemporaries" (Anderson, et al. 6). This supports that Shakespeare never acquired information of t ...

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