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Henry Ford

as a successfulbusiness man. The Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford's legacy, has left its markon every continent in the world. However, Ford didn't gain his success solely onhis innovation in the automob ...

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ly have poison glands associated with fangs. More than 30,000 species of spiders are found on every continent except Antarctica in almost every kind of terrestrial habitat and a few aquatic ones as we ...

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Native Canadians in Literature

hat we are and, maybe most importantly, why we are the people that comprise this enigmatic Canadian continent. But what if you aren't one of those fortunate enough to be of European Christian descent? ... politanism' instead. While the frontier thesis held environmental determinism as the shaper of this continent, metropolitinism said the big urban centres were what controled the destiny of the coloni ...

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Immigration today in America

dustrial nation on earth. Train rails and telegraph wires bound together the farthest points of the continent. New York, the largest city, had 1,515,301 residents on Manhattan Island; fifteen other ci ...

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A Continuous Decline in India, Without Modernization

inancially stagnant since its beginnings. One may argue that non-modernization has plagued this sub-continent in economic growth and development since early times. One may continue to argue that if mo ...

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Apartheid and the Environment

to protect the environment and control corporate behavior in the most industrialized country on the continent.For most of the last half-century, the black majority of South Africa has had no means to ...

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The road to independence

the rivalry between the nationsfor control over North America started when they began exploring the continent. TheBritish settlers found towns and cleared their land for growing crops. On the other ha ... he tea into the harbor. The dock was then shut down until all ofthe tea was paid for. Then the fist Continental Congress was gathering or a meeting toplan a response to the developments that where hap ...

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The History of Beer in America: Describes the early roots of beer in America from the first breweries til the days of prohibition til present day.

y natives who were bearing gifts of wine made from the persimmon. In the southwestern region of the continent, the native Indians were brewing a beverage made from the fermentation of a type of corn c ...

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The Burning Times - European Witch Trials - Its Social Effects On Women

igion took root and spread like a fungus throughout Europe, women had a high status in much of that continent, in areas of healing, midwifing, perception, and wisdom. The pagan (I hate that label the ...

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An article on the AIDS epidemic in Africa

efuse to believe or accept the fact that AIDS is real and is spreading rapidly in their nations and continent.There are many roadblocks in the course to AIDS reduction in Africa, some including lack o ...

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The European impact on North America which occured begining in 1492. Written from the view that Europe influenced North America in a positive way.

hnological and social advancement. If the Native Americans would have driven the Europeans from the continent, then we would all be either nonexistent, or living in extremely crowded, filthy, disgusti ... he New World. From that point on, the influences of the differing cultures were experienced on both continents; one example of this is the Columbian Exchange. In the Columbian Exchange, many foods, pl ...

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Deals with the clash between the French and British (English) in the 1750s over the land in the Ohio Valley.

merica for the possibilities it presented involving trade, the English were looking to colonize the continent and spread through its vast, welcoming expanses. With these two opposing interests, the En ...

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Report on the black death

. It did not reach Russia until 1351, although by mid-1350 it had done its worst in the rest of the continent.Adding to the misery was an unsettling mystery; that the people of the Middle Ages had no ...

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Discuss The Expansion of The European Union into Eastern Europe and Its Implications for British Companies

rotection. It will create great opportunities for companies, employees and consumers throughout the continent. According to the report of RFE (2003): "For the past five years, the EU has had accession ... e contribution to the functioning of the enlarged the EU and the economic development of the entire continent.The enlargement has special significance for the United Kingdom. For the new members, acce ...

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Discuss BELONGING in Tim Winton's 'Cloudstreet'.

they were. Initially in Cloudstreet, no one belongs anywhere. The Pickles end up in '... this great continent of a house ... They're lost.' (Page 41) The Lambs, who '... can't stay in a town when ever ...

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What caused the First World War?

make war more likely or less likely?The Alliance System between the European countries divided the continent into two rival groups.In 1817, Germany gained control over the region of Alsace-Lorraine a ... in wars. Also, the British had to join in the war because if they didn't, Germany would control the continent of Europe. In less than six weeks, the domino effect had caused Serbia, Russia, France, Be ...

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The treatment of the French This essay looks at how the French people were treated throughout Canadian history.

h had a deep and emotional sense of being a superior nation over the other. The two shared the same continent but they had a distinct language, religion and culture. These three distinct characteristi ... r religion, language and culture. They did not want to feel threatened by the British living in the continent and wanted assurances from the British political hierarchy that their ways of life would b ...

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To what degree should audio-visual policy be nationally rather than EU regulated? In answering this question, reflect on the legislation, the codes and the directives that surround this question.

With Europe being a continent so diverse in culture and values (both economically and politically), it is imperative tha ...

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Germany: Cultural Study.

icularly during the first half of the 20th century. However, with the European Union opening up the continent commercially and the realities of unification taking hold, Germany is now considered the e ...

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The continental drift theory and it's effects on evolution.

Continental Drift is the principle that the continent landmasses have not remained in fixed position ... he development of barriers, isolating descendent populations which then evolve to form new taxa.Pre-continental drift theory, it was believed that species originated in a particular area, and spread o ... hically widely separated with natural barriers i.e.; oceans, deserts or mountain chains. Therefore, continental drift theory was able to explain many previously unanswered questions. An example of thi ...

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