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Living With Earthquakes - Locations and Tectonic Theory & Coping With Earthquakes

them for different reasons. The First type is a collision zone, where two tectonic plates, made of continental crust collide, and because they are of the same density, they create, either a deep tren ... American Plate and the Nazca Plate. This is when dense Oceanic Crust sinks down beneath less dense Continental Crust, and re-melts to become part of the mantle. Earthquakes happen here because of fri ...

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Eruption of Mt. Saint Helens in 1980

on a destructive margin. Juan De Fuca plate (oceanic crust) moved towards the North American Plate (Continental Crust) and formed Cascades mountain range.Over 120years, Juan De Fuca plate had moved to ...

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Continental drift

Continental Drift Continental drift is the theory that the positions of the earth's continents have ... h geologic time. The German meteorologist Alfred Wegener proposed the first comprehensive theory of continental drift in 1912, on the basis of the way the continents fit together on the opposing Atlan ... s with the structure, history, and dynamics of the earth's crust. The earth's crust is formed of 13 continental plates. The boundaries of the zones are where tectonic activities occur, and where earth ...

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The Geomorphology of the Moon Mountain Area We started off

neous rock activities took place including basaltic lava flows. Dyke swarms were injected in to the continental crust in zones of 5 to 10 kilometers wide. As shown in the diagram below The pictures be ... own in the diagram below The pictures below show examples of dykes that have been injected into the continental crust As u can see clearly there is a darker colored line of rock within the hill. This ...

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The Layers of the Earth

emperature at the top of the mantle is less than 1300 degrees Fahrenheit(700 Degrees Celsius) under continental crust .At the bottom, where the mantle contacts Earth's outer Core, the temperature is r ... outermost layer of rocks making up the solid Earth. Most of the Crust can be classified either as 'continental' or 'oceanic'. These two types of crust differ in their average age, composition, thickn ...

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth

o threes, and the core in half. Did you know there are 7 layers of the earth? They are known as the continental crust, oceanic crust, lithosphere, asthenosphere, lower mantle, outer core, and inner co ... the layers of the earth.The crust and upper mantel are amazing they are the first four layers. The continental crust is what forms the continents and contains mostly Granite. The oceanic crust is the ...

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