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Lab Write Up For Separation by Filtration and Crystallization

lvent.AimThe purpose of this experiment is to separate sodium chloride/charcoal and sodium chloride/copper(II) chloride mixtures.Equipment requiredBalanceFilter funnel standFilter funnelBunsen, tripod ... aper (Whatman No. 1—three 12.5 cm sheets)Sodium chloride/charcoal mixture (4 g)Sodium chloride/copper(II) chloride mixture (8 g)Ethanol (25 mL)Distilled waterBoiling chipProcedureA Separation of ...

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Lab Repot of Decomposition Reaction Between Iron and Copper (II) Chloride

IntroductionWhen iron is mixed to Copper (Ⅱ) Chloride; the product will be copper and iron chloride. However, in this experiment, we do not have ... #8562;) Add the two iron nails to the Erlenmeyer flask containing approximately 50ml of copper (II) chloride solution.ⅳ) Place a rubber stopper on the Erlenmeyer flask to stop the solution from ... unnelBalanceTwo iron nailsSandpaperSteel woolErlenmeyer flaskApproximately 50ml of copper (Ⅱ) chloride solutionTweezersWash bottleOvenRubber stopperData TableTable 1 - Change of the mass of iron ...

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Moles Of Iron And Copper Formal Lab

on your laboratory apron and safety goggles. Use a 100-mL beaker to make a solution with 2 grams of copper(II) chloride and 15-mL of distilled water.2. Use a stirring rod to make sure all of the coppe ... the nails. Make sure that the nails can rest on the bottom of the beaker.4. Place the nails in the copper(II) chloride solution. Leave the nails alone for approximately 20 minutes. During that time, ...

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