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History of peer-to-peer file sharing. Technology to prevent it, and the future of it.

s such as KaZaA, Morpheus, and Audio Galaxy, whom all learned a valuable lesson from Napster. Avoid copyright infringement and elude record companies. So far they have been pretty successful, but reco ... to beat these file sharing organizations at their own game, creating software that would elude the copyright laws but contrary to downloading copied files, they seek to eliminate sharing.One reason t ...

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Napster Alternatives

sed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). RIAA claims that Napster has committed copyright infringement of artists' music by allowing its users to share music without charging to us ... charging to use the service."On December 8th, 1999 the RIAA filed a lawsuit against Napster for copyright infringement and is asking for $100 million in damages. The suit also represented 18 recor ...

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Who is Napster actually Hurting?

ownloading) of MP3 files between all users connected to the network. While Napster does not condone copyright infringement, there is no opportunity in the software to stop this, or for royalties to be ... ers are concerned by the MP3 file format and applications like Napster that simplify the sharing of copyrighted material.Other file formats in common use on the Internet are not as threatening to ...

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R. I. A. A. stands for Ruthless Ignorant and Avaricious. An expository essay on the music business and what threatens it.

Do you remember when Napster was shut down on grounds of copyright infringement? Or when flocks of college students were sued for owning their own download s ... ls, Sony, EMI, UMG, Time Warner, & BMG. The R. I. A. A. has been prosecuting offenders of their copyright laws since Napster was shut down, and they have yet to figure out why people still illegal ...

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Napter Business Ethics

ion of Napster's ethics but my own. This assignment was an eye-opener for me. I never considered "copyright infringement" until now. Through considerable research and the recommended reading, I lear ... onsiderable revenue from the abuse of information technology. I have a moral obligation to respect copyright law and those it protects. It is also my duty as a parent to set the example for my son t ...

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Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

process it took to get there, and even the idea in and of itself. This type of protection is called copyright. This protection is so vast and legalistic that I will focus mainly on the following: what ... l focus mainly on the following: what is copyright; its benefits and origins, how does one go about copyrighting something, differences between -copyrights, trademarks, and patents- and the consequenc ...

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Online Piracy; the Economic Effects of the Music Industry

s were using a program called Napster to get their music from, but Napster was taken offline due to copyright infringement laws. Now Peer-2-Peer networks are now becoming the next big wave in the tran ... e problem with the downloading of music is the basis by the recording industry of saying that it is copyright infringement and that music downloader's are stealing music. The law on online piracy was ...

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Downloading songs from the Internet: is it robbery or free expression? A specific look at Napster Inc

ther by ways of instant messages, chat rooms, and Hot List user bookmarks. Napster does not condone copyright infringement, but leaves no opportunity in the software to stop this from happening. Napst ... industry stakeholders to be concerned by MP3 file formats like Napster that simplify the sharing of copyrighted material. Other file formats commonly used on the Internet do not seem to be a threat to ...

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Piracy in the Computer World

unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright . It is an offense many of us commit without knowing the implications of doing so, like co ... at Grey Computer was selling counterfeit versions of Microsoft products, thus violating Microsoft's copyright. The court determined that a lack of knowledge nor intent are defenses to a claim of copyr ...

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Napster, A Modern Day Robin HoodMy favorite crime has to be copyright infringement. Specifically, I mean downloading music of the net. In my mind this sort of ...

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EBUS - Ethical, Legal & Regulatory Issues

ess (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sites have similar concerns such as intellectual property, copyrights, online privacy, fraud and advertising techniques, in which there are variations based on ... ues include privacy rights, child protection, security including identity theft and internet fraud, copyright infringement and business practices.Intellectual PropertyIntellectual property (IP) laws a ...

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Legal issue final research project

though he did receive benefits from the sale. On March 13, 2007, Viacom sued YouTube and Google for copyright infringement. The case was filed in New York’s federal court. The YouTube website has ... ors, songwriters, producers, performers, and many others. Viacom has demanded YouTube to remove all copyrighted works from their site. Viacom has sued YouTube for $1 billion. In this essay, Viacom ...

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999. This lawsuit took months to complete but the RIAA eventually go the ruling it was looking for, copyright infringement, shutting down Napster for good.The music sharing world retaliated back wi ...

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try association of America is suing Napster, claiming it allows users to make illegal copies of the copyrighted songs. It is seeking an injunction against the service and damages for lost revenue from ... The band Metallica filed the first federal suit against Napster. The band is suing the company for copyright infringement and racketeering. Lars Ulrich, the band drummer says; "Napster hijacked our m ...

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ppen. Napster is trying to be shut down by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for copyright infringement. The RIAA is bringing up a case against Napster that convicts them of four ma ... nd Napster is allowed to stay up and running. The first conviction is, are Napster users guilty of copyright infringement? The answer to this may be yes but in no way is Napster responsible for it’ ...

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Computer Forensics

ics can be used to uncover potential evidence in many types of cases including, for example:·Copyright infringement·Industrial espionage·Money laundering·Piracy·Sexu ...

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Anonymous Internet Access and the Temptation for Students to Download Data Illegally

Copyright refers to the owner of the original work's excusive rights. The concept of copyright was f ... l Charter establishing a monopoly over the printing industry and was given the right to enforce its copyright. Starting in 1603, anyone to violate the Royal Charter was labeled a "Pirate".Online pirac ... 0, filled by recording companies like A&M Records (A&M Records v. Napster, 2001), suing for copyright infringement under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Both parties were successful a ...

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Computer Forensics

nsics can be used to uncover potential evidence in many types of cases including, for example:•Copyright infringement•Industrial espionage•Money laundering•Piracy•Sexual haras ...

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MBA560 Legal Concepts Worksheet

cept in ReadingCriminal Law / Federal LawIllegal download of music or videos is a criminal offence. Copyright law protects the value of creative work.When you make illegal copies of someone's creative ... assette applies, with equal force, to music. If you have been illegally reproducing or distributing copyrighted music that is a crime. The FBI warning on a movie DVD or VHS cassette applies, with equa ...

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Copyright Infringement

their works or ideas from those who would copy their work. The solution for this problem is called copyrights. In this assignment, I will define and discuss the copyright and will also mention a few ... uch as web downloading, web publishing, Implied Access, and Composite web pages and the use of some copyright related law to determine whether copyright infringement has occurred.Berne Union for the P ...

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