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Venus The paper is a study of comparative planetology. The attributes of Venus are compared against the planet Earth.

a, which is deep enough to crush any living thing.Winds don't form near the surface due to the weak Coriolis Effect (the constant temperature and slow rotation of the planet). Strong winds with speeds ...

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Jet Streams

he streams flow west to east in both the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere due to the Coriolis effect. The Coriolis effect is deflection of a moving object in a rotating frame of referen ...

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ion are the differential heating between the equator and the poles, and the rotation of the planet (Coriolis effect). Given a difference in barometric pressure between two air masses, a wind will aris ... ure until the two air masses are at the same pressure, although these flows will be modified by the Coriolis effect in the extratropics. Winds can be classified either by their scale, the kinds of for ...

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fected most prominently by gravity. The bullet is also affected by centrifugal force as well as the coriolis force. Coriolis force is the rotating motion system instead of actual push and pull (Falset ...

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