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Assess the Significance of the question of Parliamentary Reform in the Careers of Gladstone and Disraeli 1865-68?

rtism was followed by a period of greatly reduced activism for parliamentary reform, while the Anti-Corn Law League never really moved into the area of political activism once it had achieved its spec ... ed into the area of political activism once it had achieved its specific objective of repealing the Corn Laws. It could be also argued that the growth of economic prosperity in mid-Victorian Britain r ...

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"Peel's major achievements in domestic affairs were in social rather than economic policy"

ositive effects socially. One last obstacle standing in the way of free trade was the repeal of the Corn Laws, which was brought about in 1844 - was this an achievement? Yes; in the sense that it help ... , and so made tax reform his main priority. As well as this, in 1842 he tackled the question of the Corn Laws whereby he aimed at fair rather than excessive protection. Overall, his actions were 'an u ...

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How successful was Peel's 'Great Ministry' of 1841-46

t they didn't deserve emancipation. Peel also said before the election that he would not repeal the Corn Laws although the main reason for this was probably to oppose Whig ideals and to win the electi ... e and were taking their wealth and land.The move that led to the downfall of Peel was to repeal the Corn Laws, which had originally been passed during the Napoleonic wars. Peel knew that to implement ...

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Political Revolution in Rome 133-78 BC

lected in 122 BC.Gaius, on top of reaffirming Tiberius' lex agaria, introduced the lex frumentaria (corn law) which fixed the price of grain and fulfilled the same role that the lex agraria had in tha ...

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A Triangle Example of the Contributions to America

cal reasons and poverty. To develop a better way of life, the Irish was force (push) out due to the Corn Law, which protected Ireland's grain, giving the landlords a free hand in modernizing their lan ...

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