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Describe the 2 views of Corporate Social Responsibility.

One of the most controversial issues that has been widely debated over the last two decades is the corporate social responsibility of organizations. Opinions about business's social responsibilities ... end that it is often in a company's financial self-interest to be socially responsible.The topic of corporate social responsibility has been widely argued and debated about because it is becoming an i ...

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The unethical practices of Enron through appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos (logic, emotion, credibility).

is fundamentally based upon performance and profit. It is therefore necessary to impart a sense of corporate social responsibility. The events in the business world over the past few months, such as ... uptcy of Enron Corporation, have raised one insurmountable question: Should the government regulate corporate accounting? The answer, quite simply is, yes. The ethical approaches of purpose, principle ...

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Shell Oil In Nigeria.

ell Oil in NigeriaShell Oil in NigeriaThis paper will detail that Shell Oil did not adhere to their corporate social responsibility in Nigeria. Shell utilized the community to gain profits while deple ... ian Federal Government, 30 percent to Shell, and 15 percent to two European companies.Shell Nigeria corporate objective was "to find, produce, and deliver hydrocarbons safely, responsibly, and economi ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia Pacific Region and its mounting Importance

1IntroductionIn this paper, we draw attention to the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), its emergence factors and its mounting importance to a compan ... study on Meralco and will be concluded with an overall assessment of the Meralco's CSR performance.2Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)CSR generally refers to business decision-making linked to ethi ... th the need to reduce reputation risk and respond to these external pressures, internal drivers for corporate responsibility within companies include cost savings due to increased efficiency of materi ...

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Explain what coroprate social responsibility is and its effect on globalisation

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYGlobalisation of the world economy is underway, and various groups, i ... e exposed as operating factories with sweatshop conditions) and this has lead to the development of Corporate Social Responsibility.According to Certo (2002) "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ... tray a positive image and gain support from stakeholders, but to what extent are these principles incorporated into the business strategy and managerial culture??Most organisations begin by producing ...

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TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE Reporting and Accounting Standard Lays Groundwork for Managing Corporate Social Responsibility

eir own right. How times have changed.With the entrance of the "stakeholder society": transparency, corporate governance, accountability, public rights - these are the new maxims of today. According t ... t. Says Mary Robinson, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: "In the last few years, perceived corporate complicity in human rights abuses has damaged corporate reputations and, in some cases, sh ...

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Management Planning and Ethics Paper

in approximately 180 countries around the world; take in to consideration legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility when producing and transporting crude oil and natural gas, and marke ... ld top-tier rankings worldwide.As part of Chevron effort to develop and implement a more integrated corporate responsibility strategy, they are reviewing their existing management systems and processe ...

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CSR with Focus on the Employee Perspective

1 IntroductionThis first chapter aims to present our subject in focus; Corporate Social Responsibility. Thebackground is followed by a problem discussion, which in turn wi ... greatersocial responsibility is widely debated and there is a widespread support for theconcept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the business world.According to the concept of CSR, a compa ... a great part is a new phenomenonas it is developed as a strategic response to new challenges in the corporateenvironment.Despite the concept CSR being coined in the 1950s, a small quantity of literatu ...

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The boundaries of strategic corporate social responsibility

Keywords: Corporate strategy, Social responsibility, Roles, Stakeholders, EthicsAbstract: Reviews the developm ... ms expected to bevirtuous, but also they are being called to practice ``social responsibility'' or``corporate citizenship''(Carroll, 2000, p. 187), accepting someaccountability for societal welfare. M ... glecting the socialimpact of their activities (Flores, 2001).Perhaps this is because the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR)is a fuzzy one with unclear boundaries and debatable legitimacy ...

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Illustrate the notion of corporate ethics put forward by Dempsey with one recent example from the corporate world.

t honour ethical values and respect people, communities, and the natural environment". "Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility", (Business Ethics Awards, pg.1)According to Dempsey, corporate ethi ... a largest fraud in the eyes of the society and the whole world, betraying the rules and conduct of corporate ethics and breaking all the boundaries of the organisation idiom. On Dec. 9, as anecdote s ...

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How to balance corporate and social responsibility with the need to enhance financial performance.

How to balance corporate and social responsibility with the need to enhance financial performance is a frequently d ... performance is a frequently discussed topic with many people across the globe. Liz Emerson stated, "Corporate social responsibility is about how companies relate to their suppliers, how they manage th ... work in an ethical way"."Corporations can build up shareholder value by involving actively in more corporate social responsibility programs for the community" said, Chairmen of Permodalan Nasional Bh ...

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Corporate Social Responsibilty and its Importance

Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Increasing Importance"The ideals of human perfectibility and ... egree to which they support the development of the human potential"[Koestenbaum and Block, 2001:314]Corporate transparency and integrity are currently hot topics, owing to the series of well-publicize ... ing practices and out-of-balance executive pay schemes. Members of core target groups are attacking corporate behavior and there is an increase in exposing of corporate double standards and hypocritic ...

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Legal Issues, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility on Business Planning

the latest changes in the industry. Therefore, this paper will discuss how legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility impact management planning at (My company).Legal IssuesBusiness plan ... t according to the plans and priorities set forth by management; therefore; guidelines for securing corporate monetary and legal security are applied during the planning process that determine an orga ...

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ven on the environment. Today that issue is still very dominant, and one of the most controversial: corporate social responsibility.Opinions about business's social responsibilities lie mainly between ... end that it is often in a company's financial self-interest to be socially responsible.The topic of corporate social responsibility has been widely argued and debated about because it is becoming an i ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management model that promotes ethical conduct and values ... ltinational and smaller organisations are beginning to, or indeed already have taken the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously.With such high profile corporate disasters as E ... y served to elevate the public discussion about the requirement for higher degrees of financial and corporate governance transparency (Pieschek 2003). Environmental groups, the media, shareholders and ...

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Planning for the Future in ChevronTexaco.

planning process and discuss several issues that relate to the process, such as ethics, legal, and corporate social responsibility.Planning ProcessAs stated above, there are a myriad of planning proc ... hey are tasked in developing contingency plans to offset any identified gaps or shortfalls in their corporate endowment.LegalChevronTexaco Legal plays an important role in the planning process. They a ...

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Accounting Ethics Article Review.

e ethics in accounting and financial decision making. I will describe how legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility impact management within the organization.We may seem to be distant ... cause they are high profile cases that crossed way over the ethical boundaries of good business and corporate social responsibility, and became criminal acts. These criminal acts defrauded individual ...

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Wal-Mart Business Analysis

ement analysis on Wal-Mart. Covered in this paper are the issues of productivity, hiring practices, corporate social responsibility and culture, diversity and affirmative action, the use of informatio ... es will only stay for the so-called benefits or until another "job" comes their way.In the areas of corporate responsibility and culture, the results of the analysis were bittersweet. Wal-Mart violate ...

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Key concepts in business.

I. Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate social responsibility goes beyond making one's business or ...

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Review of Corporate Responsibility

Recently the issue of corporate social responsibility has come into the lime light following the collapses of such compani ... public concern about the immoral actions of companies such as James Hardie and the overall state of corporate governance around the world has prompted the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee ( ... es need to be made in respect to directors duties, and the interests taken into account when making corporate decisions, as well as the environmental and social impact of such decisions. The main ques ...

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