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"The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston.

ntain, they ventured through Kitum Cave and admired the crystal-encrusted walls, mummified elephant corpses and the pillars covered in bat guano. Once their trip to Mount Elgon came to an end, the two ...

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Frankenstein - Do not Mess with Mother Nature

When he found the secret of activating dead flesh, he created a superhuman being composed of rotted corpses. What he did was considered unthinkable, and he was haunted by his own creation.When the mon ...

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Textual Analysis/Critique of Maus II

a mouse mask to exploit his metaphor. One cell even shows him working atop an overwhelming pile of corpses representing all the feelings that have been stirred up inside him through writing these boo ...

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Artistic Film Review: RASHOMON

crumbling in many places, and became a hide-out for thieves and robbers and a place for abandoning corpses.Basically this movie is about three men (A commoner, a woodcutter and a priest) talking abou ...

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The Historical Impact of the Black Plague. Extensive research. Unfortunately, I wrote this ages ago and the bibliography has been lost to the sands of time.

y ignored old customs and religious practices. Pope Clement VI had to consecrate the Rhone River so corpses could be sunk in it, families buried their dead only to have the bodies exhumed a week or tw ... a harvest festival is dancing with Death, workmen at a construction site labor alongside skeletons, corpses are carried to the hunt by skeleton horses, a cadaver receives an infant from its baptism. M ...

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In this essay I will compare and contrast the story of Steven Cranes - A Mystery of Heroism and the poem a War is Kind

oem war is kind, there are several contradicting statements. For example, "a field where a thousand corpses lie-how can this be kind? In The Mystery of Heroism, it seems senseless for Collins of A Com ...

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Peter The Great

d executed. To me that is him having the use of force to keep the people at bay. Then leaving their corpses outside of the palace walls. Was all that truly necessary for him to keep the contentment wi ...

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Mary Shelley's Dr. Frankenstein

nds on it, the amateur authoress' tale was given as many alterations as Dr. Frankenstein gave those corpses he used in his experiments.The theme of alienation causes distress is also shown through the ...

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The Epic of Ashtad

a bright fire burned and set ablaze the now darkened sea. Ashtad looked on and watched the burning corpses dance along the coastline as the smoke flooded into the uncertain horizon. Never was he to r ...

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Discuss the way in which the horror movies of the seventies were a direct comment on the Vietnam War, focusing specifically on "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Last House On The Left"

on these experiences for his film work, Savini discusses the numbness he developed to photographing corpses and body parts, just before we are shown one of the photos Savini had taken; that of a Vietn ...

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Compare the importance of at least 3 factors which affected the lives of the civilian populations during WWI.

m lose their lives. Remember that in the Great War the amount of death was so huge that most of the corpses were piled up and left on the ground; after a while the corpses rotted and the odour attract ...

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Leonardo da Vinci (his life and artworks) part 2

nowned as a dissecting artist, probing, as legend tells us, the forbidden inner secrets of decaying corpses in the face of what he himself acknowledged as the repellent aspects of under taking 'an ana ...

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Los Dias De Los Muertos (The Days of the Dead)

streets. The local vendors toss oranges inside as the march makes its way past their markets. Lucky corpses can also catch flowers, fruits, and candies.At home families arrange ofrenda's which we call ...

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The Damaging effects of war: About the war novel "All Quiet on the Western Front".

e, he or she would most likely be sickened. Yet, if that same person was a mortician who works with corpses everyday, he or she would probably not be disgusted at all because unlike the normal person, ...

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The Holy Soldier

mingled with congealing blood turning the dismembered and undistinguishable ligaments of countless corpses into a quagmire made worse by the dirt of the battlefield. The demented faces still glare bl ...

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"Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut: Influential Experiences in Billy Pilgrim's Life

cted by the war. Upon leaving the meat locker, Billy and the other prisoners are forced to excavate corpses from the rubble. This is the inception of his feeling of indifference towards life; after al ... lose to 130,000 is hardly an event one could walk away from unscathed, especially when dealing with corpses hands on. His newfound stoical percept of life is manifested by his expression, "So it goes. ...

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Compare how the monsters in both, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", with that of Merry Shelley's "Frankenstein" are similar and different.

t obsessed with trying to create life and stop death, to do this he collects parts of the body from corpses and charnel houses.When he has finally completed his human jigsaw he animates the creature u ...

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The Andromeda Strain And Technology

ees travel to Piedmont in order to recover the missing satellite. When the two men arrive they find corpses everywhere, and soon they themselves, die due to infection to the unknown bacteria brought b ...

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Black Death

f rats and the flee that feed off of them. These rats that traveled everywhere carried it. Infected Corpses were sent through catapult into the city of Cather in which causing the plague to infest wat ...

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An Analysis Of How Narrative And Genre Create Meaning And Response In The Sequence Starting With Marion Crane’s Arrival At ‘The Bates Motel’, Ending With Her Murder In The Shower In Psycho By Alfred Hitchcock

Gaines. A seemingly regular man from the Southern states of America who was found to be digging up corpses, and using them for indecent acts, making household furnishing like lampshades, and other de ...

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