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Aicardi Syndrome: a rare yet intimidating X-linked genetic disorder.

e months and are characterized by infantile spasms, agenesis (complete or impartial absence) of the corpus callosum, mental retardation, and lesions of the retina of the eye or optic nerve. However, t ... dual is usually 2 month to 4 years of age, the spasms are very difficult to control.Agenesis of the Corpus CallosumAgenesis of the Corpus Callosum (ACC) describes the condition where there is a partia ...

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Hemispheric Dominance of the Brain and Its Effect on Visual Acuity and Motor Response -- split brain state, callosal agenesis, controlled experiment.

ts Effect on Visual Acuity and Motor ResponseSplit-brain persons (persons with a damaged or severed corpus callosum) have little or no communication between the left and right hemispheres of their cer ... itive impediment in split-brain persons. However, they go on to state that communication across the corpus callosum does affect bimanual motor coordination and some sensori-motor functions. Also in 19 ...

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The Brain

wo is through several concentrated bundles of axons, called comissures, the largest of which is the corpus callosum.Overoall the main purpose of the brain is to keep the body alive, healthy and to mai ...

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Mental Disabilities: dyslexia

at writing and reading than the right side. When the information enters the brain from the eye the corpus callosum, which is the bridge between the two halves of a brain, sends the information to the ...

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People Are Split-Brained (Roger Sperry)

hemispheres of the brain split so the connection was severed. This part of the brain is called the corpus callosum. During the experiment that doctors found that this patient often had trouble naming ... but they would say that it was a "ring." Sperry started his experiments on cats, and found that the corpus callosum was necessary for the transfer of information from one side of the brain to the othe ...

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What My Brain Couldn't Tell Me

yphilias to drain properly. Because of this, my doctor told us that they would have to separate my corpus callosum in order to reach the tumor. I, at age fifteen, didn’t have any idea what a corpu ... of such an invasive surgery. The risks seemed endless to me. Because they did have to separate my corpus callosum to reach my tumor, I could have ended up a vegetable, never talking or walking again ...

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The Left vs. the Right Brain

separates the human brain, essentially dividing it into two distinct hemispheres, connected by the corpus callosum. The left side of our body is "wired" to the right side of our brain, and vice versa ...

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Gender Affecting Memory

is could explain why woman are better at multi- tasking. The scanshowed the female brain has larger corpus callosum, which is bundle of nerves thatconnects emotion and cognition. As a result, women ar ... tasks. They are able to use both sides of their brain forlanguage because their brain has a larger corpus callosum, which allows them totransfer information between both hemispheres of the brain."(Ha ...

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