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Microeconomic Theory, Price Policy in Oligopoly.

cutting prices.Price changes are infrequent because of the potential risk of others not following:?Cost-plus pricing.?Non-price competition.?Allocative and productive efficiency?Dynamic efficiency.?O ... ficant sunk costs, e.g. airport facilities and advertising constitute fixed costs in civil aviation.Cost-plus pricing/ Mark-up pricing: Cost-plus pricing centers on what is known as mark-up or rule-of ...

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Pricing Strategy

rances B. and Stephen P. 2006). The strategy can be classified into few variations like mark-up and cost-plus pricing.For cost-plus pricing, the price is set based on the manufacturing cost plus a tar ...

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Business Studies Marketing Strategy

tent approach.Getting a good balance of the 4 Ps will mean an effective marketing campaign.The main pricing strategies areCompetitive pricingCost plus pricingPenetration PricingPrice skimmingDestroyer ... ingCost plus pricingPenetration PricingPrice skimmingDestroyer pricingPrice discriminationCOST PLUS PRICINGThis is the simplest pricing strategy and is aimed at ensuring the business covers its costs ...

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