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The idea that a new american home is what every american wants.

ere are people we feel that the luxuries in the huge houses are extravagant and even excessive. One could argue that heated floors and hidden refrigerators are not beneficial items to have in a house. ... , school, or jobs to go and have fun at. In Europe that place is perhaps a local coffee shop, or it could also be a bar or restaurant. In America, it is different. There are not large amounts of peopl ...

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How did Aristotle understand bravery? This essay evaluates Aristotle's understanding of bravery.

rt of mastering one's feelings in the face of danger. With this being the definition of bravery, we could argue that Aristotle would not have counted spirited individuals as exhibiting the virtue brav ... e they have been wounded or frightened and not because of a reasoned response. (1116a 33) Hence, we could say that they act on instinct alone, instead of reason. In contrast, a brave person follows wh ...

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Women at the workplace.

ver the centuries. They were viewed as second-class citizens, spat on, and seen as sex objects. One could argue that women have had many more struggles to face than men. However, today women are takin ... takes care of a baby, one will know that it is definitely "real" work, and a hard one at that. What could possibly be more important than socializing one's own kids? Aside from that, women have also t ...

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Romeo and Juliet.

appens for a reason and if this is God's will then you have to live with it. On the other hand, one could argue that it was fortune that allowed Romeo to come across a string of bad luck. It is all ab ... in that day, cities and towns weren't next to each other like it is present day. It wasn't like he could leave Verona and go live in Rome. Once you were exiled from a city or a town, you were left to ...

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"Heart Of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad.

The themes in the story are many. One could argue that there is an abundance of religious imagery throughout the novel (Garden of Eden, th ... s crew encounter a group of native on the shore. Instead of demeaning the natives, Marlow wishes he could join the natives in their primative behavior. Such a desire is a great step in the progress of ... tory that I find Marlow to be rather lazy. If he had been so manly and wise don't you think that he could have gotten the job himself? I do. Of course his Aunt came through for him and Marlow was off ...

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"A Romance of the Republic" by Lydia Maria Child.

the many hues and varieties of life that any beautiful and perfect garden must possess. Althoughone could argue that this utopia is never obtainable, Ms. Child successfully demonstrates that asociety ...

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involving children is morally wrong.There are many arguments for and against pornography. A person could argue that pornography is morally right and should not be censored. There are others who think ...

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This is a description of Plato's Theory of Forms: his view on the being and god. It was for a non-philosophy major class, but is quite formal. I would just look over the grammar a bit.

g his proverbial butt by shrouding many of his writings in contradiction and half suppositions. One could argue that he never really committed to any of his ideas - I would contend that he was more an ...

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This essay looks at The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper and discusses how they illustrate aspects of the American identity.

g in this paper are Mark Twain and Charlotte Perkins Gilman.In the history of American fiction, one could argue that no other author looms as large as Samuel L. Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. Ma ... e wouldn't say it for the whole world; she was going to live so as to go to the good place. Well, I couldn't see no advantage in going where she was going, so I made up my mind I wouldn't try for it." ...

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Discuess Nationalism in the early 1800's. Includes Neo-Federalism, Era of Good Feelings, Marbury vs. Madison, Monroe Doctrine, etc.

orians refer to Jeffersonian-republicanism as "Neo-Federalism" or "Jeffersonian Federalism". People could argue that this is an inaccurate statement, while others will argue that this is correct and t ... f New Orleans, also contributed to the nationalistic spirit in the country. However, minor problems could make one believe that the "Era of Good Feelings" is somewhat of a misnomer. For example, durin ...

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Reading is un-natural to children yet necessary for active participation in modern culture and society.

and we consume what it provides us with. As human beings we are innately sociable creatures, so one could argue that society today is natural to what human evolution has made it. However, many psychol ... philosophers, scientists, and educationalists stand against the concept that a natural human being could inhabit today's modern culture. Children are supposedly forced, not guided, into a world of un ...

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McCarthy- Force for Good or Evil?

suspicion. It allowed the government to purge communism out of all areas of American life, and one could argue that ultimately, America was saved. While all of this is true, there is debate over whet ... and fearful. Anyone suspected of being a spy was dismissed from his occupation and blacklisted. He could never work again. McCarthy later reduced the list of 205 to around 60, and even then all of th ...

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The British withdrew from Ireland with great speed and remarkably little bloodshed.

id for sovereignty thus extending the period of British withdrawal substantially. Alternatively one could argue that Britain has yet to complete its withdrawal from Ireland thus attributing the decade ... m as a political party as opposed to the, 'fringe group' which they had been previously.However one could argue that the blame for rise Sinn Fein and consequently the death of Home Rule lies firmly at ...

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The Price of Wisdom: Richard Wright's autobiography Black Boy. This essay is about Wright's "impact of acquiring wisdom in a world that is unwise."

evelop through violence at a young age. His immediate family, save his brother, beat him a lot. One could argue that the beatings was justified, as his family was trying to stunt his individuality and ... ypical black man. Frederick Douglas's master would have agreed. "As to himself (about literacy), it could do him no good, but a great deal of harm. It would make him discontented and unhappy" (Frederi ...

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Was Russia ripe for revolution in the 19th and early 20th centuries?

beginning, to the observant eye, telltale signs of discontentment hung in the air. Eventually, you could argue that it would have been impossible to overlook the unprecedented social and political up ... c technology in agriculture, and drastic increases in the rural population that due to many factors could not be supported by the land.The Russian revolution was caused by the continual breakdown of t ...

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Why are culture and identity such contested terrain in contemporary America?

When considering American culture and identity, one could argue that there is no such thing, since contemporary America is home to a cultural and ethnic ... regation that served to disadvantage them financially, socially and politically, as black Americans could not even vote until the civil rights act of 1964. The second, stark example, was the American ... y. But this was about more than growing dreadlocks or wearing African head gear - In this way, they could re-attach themselves to their ethnic roots, dissociate themselves from the defects of the WASP ...

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Critical Analysis of The Character Iago in William Shakespeare's "Othello".

lausible villains in the book of Othello, is often described as being completely evil. However, one could argue that Iago is actually a sociopath, having no conscious and being an immoral human being. ... inds him that he had himself seen in Desdemona's deception of her father how perfect an actress she could be; "She did deceive her father, marrying you" (3.3.206)It's logical to conclude that Shakespe ...

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Mike Myers Biography.

w can this be, wonder the Brits, when Americans have no sense of irony or high-minded silliness?One could argue that Myers' success proves once and for all that Americans do have a mighty appreciation ...

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Ethics of Lobbying: Influencing or Buying Policy Makers

re the source of controversy among scholars today. Depending on the value one places in ethics, one could argue that votes are being sold by policy makers to the highest bidder. Pluralists contend tha ... outh is not represented well in Washington nor are they represented well in state legislatures. One could argue that the youth lacks organizational skills but when compared with youth in nations where ...

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The Rights of Man: French Revolution

One could argue that a man's conscience is but a subtle hindrance when justifying one's actions. The Rev ... s confronted with the dilemma of how a revolution that was based on the principles of Enlightenment could be so violent and, now more importantly, so ignorant and biased against the colored, slaves, a ... writings were celebrated, the crown, along with the Church, saw what writings of people like Raynal could lead to.The 18th century, it could be argued, influenced the world we know today in a most pro ...

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