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The Counseling Profession

nselors to change their lives in some way,such as to become more assertive. As likely, clients seek counseling asa result of some change, prehaps a death or different working conditions.Clients ofren ... some change they do notunderstand or over which they have little control. In its most generalform, counseling provides a context for such change. How to evplain anychange, how to assess its direction ...

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My philosophical Approach to counseling

Philosophical Approach 3My philosophical approach to counseling                                    My ... ial and Person-centered (Client-centered to many) heavily influence my philosophical orientation to counseling. In writing this paper, I will explore some of the basic philosophical premises that lay ... herapy is essentially an approach to         counseling and therapy rather than a firm theoretical         model, it stresses core ...

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Educational Psychology

ich started with the Stanford-Binet test (IQ test). Today, the science has been expanded to include counseling students, teachers, administrators, and parents, in an effort to help make the school env ...

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

ing that results from the loss of a child, the toll it takes on the surviving sibling, and possible counseling or other help that is available for parents who may have lost a child to SIDS are such ar ... may lead researchers who study these cases in the wrong direction. However, new research with good counseling offers new hope.Works CitedAhmann, Elizabeth, et al. 'Home Apnea Monitoring and Disruptio ...

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nd move out.In conclusion don't kill yourself life is too precious and there are other ways out try counseling, talking to the person who is creating the problem, or even just thinking about what will ...

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This is an extra credit opinion paper for my group counseling class on labeling

ny just costing itself more money in the future? Everyone at some point and time could benefit from counseling, without the risk of being labeled mentally ill, or in need of any diagnosis at all. I be ... ntal issues and with the advancement of modern medicine, we could have a stable society with proper counseling. What is the possible benefit of justification for insurance purposes with the effect so ...

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Unprofessional relationships in the Military.

lationship; however it is up to their supervisor or commander. The supervisor may issue a letter of counseling or reprimand within an UIF(Unfavorable Information File), demote the individual, reassign ...

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Medication Management on the Rise

has been practicing pharmacy for over a decade. Throughout her career of dispensing medication and counseling patients, she has discovered how uninformed the public can be councerning their medicine ... heart of patients' problems. There are no medications to dispense at her site, only knowldedge and counseling. The following are main objectives for MMC and include: polypharmacy intervention, diseas ...

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Managerial Functions.

motivating, leading and controlling the resources of the organization. These functions also include counseling and coordinating with subordinates and peers. These resources include people, jobs or pos ... (motivator) wants to influence the factors that motivate employees to higher levels of productivity.CounselingIn any organization, managers use controls to help employees achieve objectives. An employ ...

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Development Theories. Various theories and their relation to the childhood developmental process.

l theories to help understand a counselor's possible view regarding the needs of individuals during counseling and at different points in their lives. The goal of this paper is to highlight some class ... itive developmental outcomes.Ivey (1997) used Piaget's theory to construct a model of Developmental Counseling and Therapy. Ivey uses Piaget's ideas of assimilation and accommodation to help individua ...

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Intimacy in Romantic Relationships.

ion between partners is key to a successful relationship. According to an article in the Journal of Counseling and Development, "women seem to believe the intimacy means love, affection, and the expre ...

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Gestalt Theory ... Written from the counselors point of view.

than forgetting it. The present in therapeutic terms is know as "Here and Now".Lets say that I was counseling a client using the Gestalt Theory. My client is a young teenager, about seventeen. His be ...

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This essay explains everything that a counselor has to do when dealing with a client, from start to end. Goes through the process the techniques needed to be a great counselor.

to know what is expected of them, and that they are only there to help the client change themselves.Counseling is counseling is counseling. Counseling is consistent it never changes, either you can co ... stent it never changes, either you can counsel or you can't. Once you've learned the necessities of counseling, you can counsel anyone. A counselor should be able to be given any particular case and h ...

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Counseling in Community - A Review of L. Crabb

As stated in his interview, Larry Crabb maintains that his basis for counseling in community revolves around two questions:1.What kinds of relationships lead to the grow ... healthy relationships within the community that can promote the growth of spiritual relationships, counseling in community would be equally as beneficial as clinical counseling.According to Crabb, th ... ing the work of Christ Himself.None of these necessary characteristics are restricted to a clinical counseling setting alone, therefore if counseling and caring can be taken on by the community, the s ...

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yway, one girl I saw was 12 years old and had her dad with her to sign for consent. I was doing her counseling and she was very reserved, almost silent. Through a great deal of talking, she told me th ...

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Blinded by the White- Tim Wise

easy to most. Such answers might include kicking them out of school, sending them to a foster home, counseling, or just sending them down the road. Do you think that the same behavior from a white chi ...

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You will drink the Kool Aid

ic relations (PR) is the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organization leaders, and implementing planned programs of action which will serve both t ...

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Self Injurious Behaviours, individuals hurting themself without an intention to die.

Self-Injurious Behaviors: Assessment and DiagnosisVictoria E. White KressJOURNAL OF COUNSELING & DEVELOPMENTMehreen KhanDue to the rising number of self-injurious behavior in our s ...

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tions possibly causing the depression.Treatment can involve taking medications, going to therapy or counseling, or both. You may need ongoing treatment to prevent it from coming back.If you are feelin ...

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Explains your knowledge of counseling a client. Uses multi-theories...

to know what is expected of them, and that they are only there to help the client change themselves.Counseling is counseling is counseling. Counseling is consistent it never changes, either you can co ... stent it never changes, either you can counsel or you can't. Once you've learned the necessities of counseling, you can counsel anyone. A counselor should be able to be given any particular case and h ...

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