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Revenge, is it morally justified? Refers to The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

ction by deliberately causing injury in return for a person or oneself suffering' . Governments and countries often take revenge by fighting, like with after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the U.S g ... to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki as revenge. Kings and dictators also take revenge by invading other countries, and even the ordinary people, like us, take revenge on smaller issues. But is it morally ...

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"The count of Monte Cristo", The Story of Edmond Dantès, the Sailor, who Becomes the Rich & Powerful Count of Monte Cristo and Takes Revenge on all his Enemies, by Alexandre Dumas.

ntès uses a variety of names and disguises. The main new identity he uses for himself is The Count of Monte Cristo.Danglars, as mentioned above, was the Count's shipmate when his name was still ... mond went to jail, Danglars ran away and became very rich. Caderousse was a tailor. He was also the Count's father's landlord and once the count was sent to prison, Caderousse allowed Dantès' f ...

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Alexander Pushkin "The Queen of Spades" Hermann and Greed

e Queen of Spades is one of the oldest games of chance. What I will try to determine is whether the Countess' seemingly real ghost is authentic only in so much as Hermann's consuming madness produces ... coming a member of the Russian elite. After an evening at a friend's, he learns the story of an old countess who is known to hold an invincible secret at playing cards. This Countess resides with her ...

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Play response:Strindberg's "Miss Julie"--incls:Title-Author-Nationality-Period and Setting-Synopsis-Unique Elements of Playwright's Style-Production Challenges/Problems

0's (87 or 88) on Mid Summer's Eve. The action all takes in the kitchen of Miss Julie's father, the Count's manor house.Synopsis: The play begins with Jean the Valet gossiping with Kristin about Miss ... returns and denies Julie's requests for help and leaves the two to their fate. At the return of the Count, both are reduced to hypnotic states; Julie from grief and Jean from ingrained subservience. J ...

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Loyalty in "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexander Dumas. This essay is about the loyal and unloyal people in the story.

Loyalty in The Count of Monte CristoIn the world of Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo self-sacrificing loyalty is the gr ... , the criminal. With the aid of his fortune and new identity Edmond Dantès, now known as the Count of Monte Cristo, punishes those who are disloyal by taking away what they prize most.The actio ... sly tells him to resign from the firm. Maximilien, a lieutenant in the French army, is loyal to the Count of Monte Cristo and is willing to be the Count's second if the Count should fall to a shot in ...

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Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess"

les of his deceased wife from which the poem's title is derived. The Duke's guest is the envoy of a count whose daughter the Duke intends to make his next duchess.The poem takes the form of a dramatic ... ld by such despots. Of course, he would not be beyond the reach of the law should he confess to the Count's envoy, which explains why the Duke speaks in ambiguities.As the poem begins, the Duke is dis ...

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Lady Bathory. Lots of research on the vampire countess

The Vampire CountessThe story of Lady Bathory is a strange and grisly real-life vampire tale. She was born in 15 ... ory of Lady Bathory is a strange and grisly real-life vampire tale. She was born in 1560, and was a countess in Hungary. She was said to be very beautiful with an angelic complection. It's also certai ... as said to be very beautiful with an angelic complection. It's also certain she was very cruel.This countess was obsessed with her looks. She wasn't going to trust her beauty to a plain old jar of col ...

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Introduction to Microbiology (CP4089) - Experiment 4: Colony Count Methods: Viable Cell Number of Commercial Active Dried Yeasts

SummaryThis purpose of this experiment was for students to do the colony count methods, estimating the viable cell number of commercial active dried yeasts (ADY).This experi ... r of commercial active dried yeasts (ADY).This experiment allowed the students to perform the plate count technique by serial dilution and two common methods, spread plate and pour plate to determine ... plate and pour plate were 2.2 X 1010 CFU/g and 3.7 X 1010.the CFU/g respectively.IntroductionColony count methodology is one of the most accurate methods to determine the calculation of the organisms ...

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"Vampire Hunter D" by Hideyuki Kikuchi

cross Doris, Doris gets in a fight with him hoping that he is a vampire hunter. The local nobility, Count Magnus Lee, bit her. So Doris hires D. Doris has a brother named Dan and has a suitor from tow ... e her as his wife but she hates him. He has tons of influence in town because he is the mayor's son.Count Lee doesn't want to kill Doris because he really wants to make her his wife. Count Lee also ha ...

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Madness of the main characters in Maupassant's "Horla" and Pushkin's "Queens of Spades"

ght to himself the following evening, as he walked along the streets of St. Petersburg, "if the old Countess would but reveal her secret to me! if she would only tell me the names of the three winning ... k to Hermann's already fiery imagination. Very interesting that Pushkin tells us that a story about countess and three cards is not necessarily true, rather a tale. Hermann, however, after dreaming ab ...

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The Firm .vs. Dracula

for death. As well in the novel "Dracula" there is once again a man who gets involved with a Count on terms of real estate, and does not realize the depth of danger he has reached. Both the nov ... who works for real estate and comes about a client who is like none other. This client is known as Count Dracula, and even though Jonathan Harker is a very ordinary character it's the Count that sets ...

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The Queen Of Spades

e. As the gentlemen reflect on their wins and loses Tomsky tells a story about his grandmother, the Countess. He tells the guys that the Countess has the ability to play three cards and always guess t ... decides not to use his father's money.As the story continues the Lisaveta is introduced. She is the Countess' maid that hates her life. Lisaveta is willing to do anything to get out of her current sit ...

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different men with many different companionship situations. For example, during Candide's time with Count Pococurant, Voltaire indicates to the reader that Candide is impressed with the count's two wo ... the count's two women. (118) The amazement and awe by Candide is answered with an explanation from Count Pococurant that shows that he is happy with them, but is becoming tired of their presence. (11 ...

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has to do with drug you could get sink really bad, and you can get heart disses. How I feel a Word Count: 121

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GCSE COURSEWORK 19TH century style newspaper article of The Red Room by H.G. Wells

Lorraine Castle, haunted?The Castle Lorraine, which since her ladyship the Countess of Lorraine’s death last August, has been left in the care of three elderly pensioners ... ing her. Thought none of the previous can compare with the tale of true horror of what Sir Howard encountered in the room. He claims that no ghost haunts the chamber, but “The worst of all the th ... ing neither smoke nor glow behind. I thought back to the young duke and his tragic death, the timid countess, my mind was in a whirl. My voice gained a queer high note as I rushed to relight the candl ...

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Publishing, cost research, production methods, publication designing

the publication was created and the evidence.The other important factors which I have to take in account would be:A camera ready copy of the final documentAn evaluation of workEvaluation of own perfo ... it can be worsened from certain purposes, which publications such as brochures can be taken into account. The most important find from the research was the information regarding how much ability a co ...

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The Count of Monte Cristo: Rewards and Punishments

The Count of Monte CristoThe Count of Monte Cristo by Alex Dumas is a novel with many characters. Edmond ... dmond Dantes is falsely jailed by Mondego and Danglars. Once he escapes he takes on the role of the Count of Monte Cristo and plans his revenge. Morrell is the owner of the ship Edmond Dantes worked o ... the ship. He chooses that some families need to be awarded and some families must be punished. The Count of Monte Cristo was justified doing what he did.Morrell and his family were the only ones to b ...

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Her last Duke

Last Duchess" takes place primarily upstairs in a Duke's home, while the Duke is conversing with a Count about his deceased Duchess. The poem is being narrated through the mind of the Duke. Because R ... own as not only is he controlling the entire conversation, but he also seems to be manipulating the Count's actions. In the poem the Duke tells the Count when to sit, where to look and when to stand. ...

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