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Motivated Expectation Setting and Its Unintended Consequence on Satisfaction

dict that this is because counter to the initial intention, setting one's expectation low generates counterfactual thoughts of alternative outcomes or courses of action, such that, even upon confirmat ... d-consequence of lower satisfaction.This research proposes that lowering one's expectation triggers counterfactual thoughts of how the outcome "could have been better," or how one "could have chosen b ...

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The Priming Effects of Counterfactual Thinking

While a large body of literature on counterfactuals has explored the effects of counterfactual thinking on different variables suchasaff ... shnamurthy and Sivaraman 2002). there has been relatively little research on the priming effects of counterfactuals (e.g. Galinksy and Moscowitz 2000), The present article examines the priming effects ... factual thoughts on the evaluation of framed messages. We demonstrate that the mere act of thinking counterfactually primes an altemative-generation mindset that increases the accessibility of altemat ...

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Counterfactual Thinking

Counterfactual ThinkingWhen and how do children experience regret?Major Research Essay: Psyc241Stude ... University of WollongongWord count: 1506The experience of regret arguably relies on a multifaceted, counterfactual analysis of two previously possible outcomes. An important question to consider is at ... development. The results of these studies argue that understanding, rather than simply experiencing counterfactual emotions relies heavily on a child's ability to simultaneously conceive alternate rea ...

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