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Law of Equity.

NThe law of equity encompasses a body of rules, principles and doctrines initially developed by the Court of Chancery, broadly aimed to address the conflicts identified with uniform rules of justice t ... against forfeiture of an interest in land.Where the forfeiture is based on non-payment of rent, the court will readily grant relief, as long as a lessor can be put in the same position as before the f ...

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Nature of equitable interests

Z, common law gave no remedy against Y if he used he property for his won and not for Z's benefit. court of chancery would however enforce the trust against the benefit of Z,Z was regarded as a benef ... t in blackacre.'Equity can be described but not defined. It is the body of law developed by the Court of Chancery in England before 1873. Its justification was that it corrected, supplemented and ...

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The law of equity came about to remedy the defects of the common law system. Discuss.(includes how equity came about and its remedies. Bibliography included.)

ity had established its precedence at least partly through the establishment of the common law. The Courts of Exchequer was a court originally dealing with disputes involving revenue, taxation and rev ... t recognize security for loans (mortgages) or the right of third parties in general. The common law courts had no power of enforcement. Also, it did not allow any form of oral evidence. The only remed ...

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"Bleak House" Synopsis

rphan left in the care of her guardian, John Jarndyce. She later discovers who her parents are. The Court of Chancery disputes over the Jarndyce inheritance at their leisure, making a decision on the ... their leisure, making a decision on the appointed person to receive the inheritance.Themes1. Unjust courts bring oppression.Oppression can be felt surrounding peoples' lives, depicted in the "fog ever ...

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Sources of Common Law

t customs which applied to the whole country. This marks the emergence of common law.[1: The King's Court under the Norman Kings which decide disputes. Obtained from J Martin and M Gibbins, A-ZHandboo ... es petitioned to the King who passed these petitions to the Lord Chancellor. This gave birth to the Court of Chancery which operated on equity.Equity developed progressively as equity mitigates the ri ...

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