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History of Space Shuttle Program

ch space plane, was designed to carry payloads of up to about 30,000 kg (65,000 lb) and up to seven crew members and passengers. The upper part of the spacecraft, the orbiter stage, had a theoretical ... ations satellites from November 11 to 16, 1982. Later memorable flights included the seventh, whose crew included the first U.S. woman astronaut, Sally K. Ride; the ninth mission, November 28-December ...

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The Importance of Communication, and Teamwork among the Flight and Cabin Crew

Purpose/Audience 5Sources 5Limitaions 5Scope 5COLLECTED DATA 5Importance of Communication Among the Crew 5Main Cause of Aircraft Accidents 6Duties of the Crew Members 7Expectations of the Crew 7The Cr ... f the Crew Members 7Expectations of the Crew 7The Crew is a Team 8Intimidatin in the Cockpit 8Cabin Crew is a part of the Team 9Trusting the Crew's Judgment 9Crew Resource Management (CRM) 9Outline of ...

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How bravery is shown in "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane

d his courage, although with no intentions in the end of the story in which the captain directs his crew members to get off the boat, and avoid life threatening situations.Throughout the story they ca ... f the boat, and avoid life threatening situations.Throughout the story they captain was helping his crew members. When the crew was looking for land, they felt disappointed because they could not find ...

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"The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury.

red "beautifully insane", and eventually killed by Mr. Xxx when the Martians assumed their ship and crew members were hallucinations.The next rocket lands in a shockingly Earth-like community. They fi ... there are dead family members who say they were sent there when they died without explanation. The crew splits up to be with their own families, and are all murdered before the end of the first night ...

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The Challenger Explosion.

miles per hour, ten miles up, and eight miles downrange, the Challenger exploded, killing all seven crew members. This has been characterized as the worst disaster in the American space program. When ... majority of debris had returned to earth. By nightfall, it was quite evident that no member of the crew had survived. The search teams were finding aluminum fragment measuring ten, twelve, and even f ...

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This is an essay about the tragedies of space travel.

America was shocked by the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, and the death of its seven crew members. As is expected in a field of work that's exploratory and uncertain such as the ... thrusters started firing, putting the docked assembly into an uncontrolled spin. The two-man Gemini crew separated their spacecraft and had to use some of the propellant reserved for the return to Ear ...

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Identification with DNA

identifying the remains of persons who died long ago. It was used, for example, to identify the two crew members of Bomber 31 who have been identified and, more famously, to help identify Czar Nichola ...

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CH99: "The Doubloon" and human nature

of adventure and philosophy. This microcosm came in the form of a whaling ship, The Pequod, and her crew represented the many races, cultures, and backgrounds present in the world. Throughout the nove ... present in the world. Throughout the novel, Melville contrasted the various ways in which different crew members interpret the "world" -- within the bounds of the Pequod and, philosophically, on a hig ...

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Car Ferry Hijacked! - a reflective statement that was written based on the simulation which is carried out during my class section.

Car Ferry hijacked===================In Car Ferry1.Hijackers - militant member2.Crew members3.HostagesCouncil1.Police2.Navy3.Air Force4.Home Secretary (represent government)Reporte ... hijackers and be pleasant to them.After a while, they went out, and the light on again. Some of the crew members and hijackers were ordered to have an eye on us. I noticed some of the hostages were cr ... in our heart, we were praying for the second chance, being rescued by others.We did hear from some crew members, there were seven demands that the hijackers required have to be fulfilled by the counc ...

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Shades of Gray: The Importance of Seeing the Other Side in a Post 9-11 World of Black and White

2001 at 8:45am American Airlines, flight number 11 out of Boston MA, carrying 81 passengers and 11 crew members crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center and exploded into flames. At 9:0 ... to flames. At 9:03am, United Airlines, flight 175, also out of Boston, carrying 56 passengers and 9 crew members crashed into the south tower. Soon after, American Airlines, flight 77, exploded into t ...

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Gentlemen, Your Verdict

, your VerdictThis is a story about decisions. The result of this decision was the death of fifteen crew members. A decision made by one person to end the lives of fifteen men to save five.What would ... .What would you do if you were the lieutenant of a submarine and you had to decide the fate of your crew? I don't think that I could make the same decision that Lieutenant-Commander Oram made.After th ...

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"its Your Ship" by michael Abrashoff

d the book and was actually surprised at how easy he makes his job sound. The way he works with his crew is like none other as far as I'm concerned. He states how he doesn't care about the non-believe ... e boss not the guy with all the stripes because the sailor is the most vital part to a ship and its crew. His ideals lead him to believe that it is the view of the sailor that is most important, and w ...

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How Hubris effected Odysseus in the epic poem, the Odyssey, writen by Homer.

nvolves the Cyclops monster. A son of Poseidon, the one-eyed Cyclops traps Odysseus and many of his crew members in his cave. Being the clever, creative person that he is, Odysseus comes up with a pla ... h a plan to stab the Cyclops in his eye with a huge wooden spear. When the beast falls asleep, many crew members push aside the huge rock blocking their only exit. Odysseus gives the okay, and they th ...

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S.S Edmund Fitzgerald

e S.S Edmund Fitzgerald went under in Lake Superior. The S.S Edmund Fitzgerald caried a total of 29 crew members. The ship itself weighed over 13 632 tones and was 729 feet long. It was the largest ca ... e S.S Edmund Fitzgeral disappeared from the S.S Anderson's radar. It is not known wether the crew members abandoned ship or if they had gone down with the ship. But a ceremony was held in honou ...

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Apollo 13

wife, Marilyn, he was accepted for the mission to the moon. About a week before takeoff, one of the crew members, Ken, was exposed to the measles. He was told he couldn't go on the flight because he m ... dn't go on the flight because he might get sick. On the day of the launch, Jim, Jack, and Fred, the crew of Apollo 13 was off to see the moon. Apollo 13 was so close to landing on the moon, but there ...

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Building a spacecraft to travel to Mars

ncies.OxygenAn Oxygen Generation System will be installed into the shuttle to provide oxygen to the crew members. The OGS uses electrolysis to separate water into breathable oxygen. This provides oxyg ... artificial gravity)Creating artificial gravity helps maintain muscle development and health of the crew aboard the shuttle. This will be created by rotating a room in the centre of the ship each day ...

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Controversial Issues From The Toronto Star

vented without discrimination.8. The U.S. navy spy plane that was held in China With the 24 crew members held in China, the U.S. must safely get them home and find what actually happened.9. Th ...

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Backstage Barney

y sister," says one of the kids. Just before they were about to light the blunts, one of the crew members came in with a big bag of fan mail. "just set it over in the corner, Bob," says Barney. ...

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The Hungry Ocean

. In the book, The Hungry Ocean, Greenlaw uses many supervision and leadership skills to manage her crew of 5 men on a sword fishing trip. Their ultimate goal is to catch as many fish as possible on t ... nda is the supervisor who oversees the work of operative employees. The operative employees are her crew of 5 men. They are the one's who physically produce the organization's goods and services by wo ...

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A Synopsis of Oddyseus' Trip

d ships were destroyed. Ajax died but for no other reason than his own arrogance. Odysseus and some crew members lived, but didn't reach home for ten years.Over the ten years, they traveled to many pl ... Odysseus a bag of winds and told him not to open them until they got back to Ithica. But Odysseus's crew didn't know what it was, and thinking it was riches or another, opened it and released the wind ...

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