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President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin at the Yalta Conference. "Sell out Bargain"

tion on what to do with Germany was a main priority. The allied leaders rendezvoused in the Russian Crimea, February 1945. Controversy has surrounded the conference ever since. In relation to the "sel ...

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Yalta Conference

nge in policy and mindset by the world powers was marked by a conference set on the coast of Yalta, Crimea in the Ukraine. Known as the "Big Three", Premier Joseph Stalin, Prime Minister Winston Churc ...

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The Crimean War. This is a look at the events which lead up to the Crimean War

Russia was known as one of the most powerful countries in Europe before the Crimea War. They had been able to put down many revolts in their country such as, the Decembrist Rev ... ds of the French, British, Turkish, or Austrians. The Anglo-French forces then started invading the Crimean peninsula. The Russians were already fortified because the peninsula belonged to them. After ... Black Sea was destroyed and no Russian warships were allowed through the BosphorusThe defeat in the Crimea was so surprising and embarrassing for the Russians because they thought they were the best m ...

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Ukrainean Culture

one of the biggest countries of Europe.The country is subdivided into 24 regions (oblasts) and the Crimea - autonomous republic.The capital is Kyiv (Kiev in Russian).The climate is moderately contine ... comparatively dry with more than 290 sunny days in the year in the South Ukraine (Black Sea coast, Crimea).Average winter temperature:from -8° to -15° C (between +17.6° F and +5° F)In ...

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THE BUBONIC PLAGUE - End of the World?

d dying men at the oars. The ships had come from the Black Sea port of Caffa (now Feodosiya) in the Crimea, where the Genoese maintained a trading post. The diseased sailors showed strange black swell ...

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one of its first proponents."Things are not going well. The Greek soldiers landed on the shores of Crimea, according to the reports of Allied diplomats and newspapermen, were mounted on Crimean donke ...

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Florence Nightingale: Her life and dedication

assistance to the patients.In March of 1854, England and France declared war on Russia known as the Crimean war. Sidney Herbert who was Secretary at War contacted Florence regarding her taking a party ... essional nurses and a number of people from religious institutions. When Florence returned from the Crimea, she was very much in demand, and received many social invitations, but refused them all. Alt ...

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A letter to Mary Seacole

Dear Mary Seacole,I really admire the work you did in the Crimean war; it was very brave of you to go to the front line and save lives. You were the only blac ...

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Describe the main differences betwen the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences

the United States, and Britain. The "Big Three", as they were known, met in February 1945 at Yalta, Crimea, USSR, and then again in July at Potsdam, Germany. These conferences, the Yalta Conference an ...

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Ivan the terrible

tion. Ivan IV had the challenge of facing three main Tartar enemies of Russia- Kazan, Astrakhan and Crimea. Ivan IV emerged victoriously as he established rule over Kazan and Astrakhan. The locations ...

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