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A Crisis of Faith and Farming in Rural America.

A Crisis of Faith & Farming in Rural AmericaThe authors of Rural Ministry: The Shape of the Renewa ... The authors base their work on the premise that the rural citizens across America are in a state of crisis. Rural people, they contend, are losing their neighbors, houses, land and religion. In fact, ... ning per capita caloric food intake, and an increased concern about toxicity in food supplies. This crisis, moreover, is heightened to even more serious levels by the harsh reality that significant pa ...

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`Why did Charlemagne accept the imperial title?' Science vs Religion

intellectual zeal and a rebellious atheism, set down the foundations upon which the next century's crisis of faith was to be built. As the years passed, science brought to the public's attention disc ... scipline, striving to be dispassionate. A.N. Wilson, in his examination of the nineteenth century's crisis of faith, God's Funeral, traces this process back to Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the ...

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The pursuit of the reformation was not so much about altruistic motive of saving people's soul as it was about the quest for power

ulgences, where people could literally buy their way into heaven. At this time, there was already a crisis of faith against the Church, so this reformation was a perfect vanguard for the people to cha ...

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