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A Case Of Needing Serious Revision. For History of Forensic Science class.

twenty-five years. What his novels lack in literary merit and distinctive style they make up for in crisp plotting and edge-of-your-seat suspense. From alien viruses to regenerated dinosaurs, from evi ...

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Instrumental History Of the Drums

with a drum stick, whilebeing struck the strings vibrate, giving this instrument its characteristiccrisp staccato.This small medieval instrumnet gradually increased size, about the 15th century.It wa ...

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Clifford Ball

main concern on a warm summer afternoon, as we began to pack up the car for a trip that will remain crisp in my mind better then vacation I've ever been on. It was Tom, Tim, Joe, Beau, Tom' brother St ...

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The Ride

ght breeze cooled the warm air just enough to stop the body from sweating. The breeze was clean and crisp that blew along with the scent of a spring day. The only noise was the roar of the engine as I ...

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Children of the Sun- A fantasy short story about a young girl and her brother living on a foreign planet.

light of the solitary bulb. He reached up and tore away the red cellophane that covered the bulb. A crisp white light shone down on Lela's limp body. Brabe hoped that this futile form of light would b ...

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RacismThe sizzling streams of sunlight were just beautifully glimmering down on the crisp green school yard. Such a wonderful day that was. Nothing could have ruined it. Little Jimmy, ...

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Where is Your Special Place gives an indepth description of how one feels while at the beach, or when at home in their own "quiet place."

our special place? I'll tell you mine.It's nighttime and darkness is starting to set in. The air is crisp and calm, whispering a sweet lullaby, the beach quiet and relaxing. A spontaneous crab hurries ...

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"The Garden of the Gods" in Illinois.

break from everything then I pack up and take off to the cliffs at the Garden of the Gods.It was a crisp October day and my biology class was preparing to take off for a day climbing rocks and studyi ...

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We had been on a school trip to prague and were asked to write a story set in the city

I had had the fairytale wedding, everything had been so perfect and wonderful. It had been a clear crisp February day, Friday the 2nd, a little cold but we were both so excited and exhilarated by the ...

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"The Glorified Outcasts: a study of 'A Farewell' and 'Drifting on the Lake' by Wang Wei"

ask about you.There are endless white clouds on the mountain.-Wang WeiDrifting on the LakeAutumn is crisp and the firmament far,especially far from where people live.I look at cranes on the sandand am ...

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Puddle Girl. Creative Writing story about a girl dealing with abuse and anorexia.

primand her. She braces herself against the wind's knocking chill and steps out into the blighting, crisp, after-rain air. Though she is wearing the two layers she had previously dressed herself in th ...

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This essay is a description of a cheerleading competition

like soldiers at the edge of the clear azure mat with my teammates, almost indistinguishable in our crisp, sparkling white shoes and clean, neatly pressed uniforms, we prepare to compete. My hair is t ...

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The Park

chael EmeryWriting and Research AALA-5Essay # 1March 15, 2004The ParkThe wind whistling through the crisp cold air, birds chirping in the dusk of daylight, and the babbling brook running through. The ...

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Bishop's "The Fish" Poetry Response

uses a significant amount of imagery. Descriptions like "brown skin hung in strips" and "fresh and crisp with blood" are common throughout the poem. The reader can almost see the fish on the boat, wa ...

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A story on how i will die in this wicked world we live in

When I die.... The sun was a few hours from setting and the air was cold and crisp. I could feel the nippy January weather biting my ears. My friends and I arrived at Mt. Pilchu ...

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Third Girl by Agatha Christie

g up the smooth and flamboyant David Baker, the languid and artistically inclined Frances Cary, the crisp and efficient Claudia Reece-Holland, the stylish and mysterious Mary Restarick, the caring and ...

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Essay on the Crucible: how fear and ignorance lead to chaos

our ignorance, fear is born. The next thing you know, you and your friend are sprinting through the crisp grass, into the safety of your kitchen, and the prior plans of camping out are thwarted. If yo ...

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Don't Amend- The Gay Marriage Amendment Debate

It is a crisp cool October morning. Two hikers are enjoying a quiet walk through the frost tipped fields of ...

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Subjects: Social Science Essays > Controversial Issues > Homosexuality

My Favorite Place

beauty of God's creationA pure scent of the lakeMixed with the aroma of pineTaking in the crisp untouched airFilling the lungs for the dayThe different savor of lake waterVarieties ...

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Memories of the first day of school

beginning of the school year that morning and to some of us was just and ordinary day. The air was crisp and cool, the trees exploded with brightly colored leaves and beautiful roses lying on bushes ...

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