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this is a biography on Andrija Mohorovicic

Andrija Mohorovicic(1857-1936)Andrija Mohorovicic was a prominent Croatian scientist in the field of meteorology and seismology at the end of the nineteenth and in th ... e meteorological phenomena. In 1901 he was appointed head of the complete meteorological service of Croatia and Slavonia, which he raised to a European level in personnel and equipment. And finally, h ... d world renown, especially in seismic measurements. He also organized the meteorological service in Croatia and Slavonia. At the beginning of his scientific career Doctor Mohorovicic devoted most of h ...

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Question--Discuss in brief the logic behind the various peace plans offered to resolve the conflict in the Balkans from July 1991 to the Dayton Peace Accord in 1995.

Yugoslav army from Slovenia. To further decrease the tension in the area, it delayed Slovenian and Croatian independence for a three month period and further emplaced agreements from all parties to c ... endence, and the Yugoslavs agreed on the grounds that it also allowed them time to reconsolidate in Croatia for an all-out war with Serbia--essentially, this plan did not initiate any peace but ironic ...

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The effects the Bosnian war (1992-1995) had on children.

relatives or friends. (Raymond 13). The war was between the Croats, Serbs and Muslims of Bosnia and Croatia. The Serbs, led by Slobodan Milosevic, unsuccessfully tried to ethnically cleanse Croats and ... Slobodan Milosevic, unsuccessfully tried to ethnically cleanse Croats and Muslims out of Bosnia and Croatia (13). "Ethnic cleansing is a term defined as the ruthless attempt by one ethnic group to 'pu ...

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Dissolution of Yugoslavia. How might one account of the violence between people who have lived together for decades.

igious faith and not a nation until 1963. Muslims populated a mountainous region between Serbia and Croatia called Bosnia, which was a buffer between the Croats and the Serbs. Bosnia was a virtual mel ... World War was a important point in the movement for independence from Yugoslavia by the republic of Croatia. The Nazi occupiers had many sympathizers in the Croatian government and with the population ...

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Architecture of Transition and Production of Meaning

e' of the post-modern discourse and/or the attempted completion of 'the modern project'.Locally, in Croatia, transition occurred as a quantum leap from the Socialist, one-party, state-controlled marke ... cal nightmares was opened. Yugoslavia disintegrated into 5 new independent nation-states: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia- Herzegovinia, Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) and the former Yugoslav Republic o ...

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Personal Barriers Paper

Poor writing skills will have a direct reflect on the Navy and therefore affecting my advancement. Croatian writing style originates from England where certain words are pronounces different. Sometim ... h my mother and father side of the family. I did not speak English until I was seven. Growing up in Croatia, I did not have the resources that are available in this country to help me develop my speak ...

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Croatia: Waste Management.

siness opportunity is based in the United States with a foreign direct investment in the country of Croatia. Our strategy for entering the Croatia market is in the form of a green-field investment, wh ... the form of a green-field investment, which involves our establishment of a wholly new operation in Croatia. Our present operation, Waste Management Inc. headquartered in Houston, TX, is the leading p ...

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Relations Between the Catholic Church in Croatia and the Serbian Orthodox Church Since World War II.

the foundation of national identity and nationalism.The Roman Catholic Church became engrained with Croatian nationalism beginning under the rule of the Ottomans. While the Serbs accepted their subord ... s, a part of the Roman Catholic Church. An increased interest in national history and literature in Croatia gave the church a more important role. Since the clergy were usually the more educated, they ...

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A trip to Zagreb

Zagreb is a capital of Croatia, an independent state of ex Yugoslavia, since 1991. Since that time, many things are differe ... ce that time, many things are different more-less because of the political system that aims joining Croatia to European Community, rather then staying in the community of a little Balkan ex Yugoslavia ... , so don't get too exciting when shopping concerns (and its not that cheap). The language spoken is Croatian though most of the young people speak English or German. Entire center of the city, which i ...

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Nikolai Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born in a farmhouse on the night of July 9, 1856 in the small town of Smilijan, Croatia while a thunderstorm was raging on outside. Nikola's father, Milutin Tesla, was a former off ...

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Congratulations Tito, you are worse than Hitler.

res in the European society. Tito’s communist party ruined the traditional way of life for the Croatians during and after the Second World War. He did this by turning friends against neighbours, ... . Tito now created a communist dictatorship government where basic rights were not available to the Croatians.Tito convinced many to believe in his communist government and in him as a leader. Althoug ...

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Economy In Transition - Croatia

An introduction to the issues that have arisen in the transformation process of the Croatian economy and the problems that have to be considered prior to setting up a manufacturing bas ... sidered prior to setting up a manufacturing base.Since the first democratic elections took place in Croatia in April 1990, and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) came to power in a landslide victory, ... Z) came to power in a landslide victory, there has been a concerted effort towards transforming the Croatian economy into a free-market system.Any economy in this early stage of transition however, fa ...

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European Politics

Serbia Conflict Resolution and Policy Paper The crisis between Croatia and Serbia is deep rooted and unlikely to be resolved without the continuous implementation ... has witnessed Serbian aggression lead to the breakdown of Yugoslavia and has seen war presented in Croatia. The ICG (International Crisis Group) has been taking an active role in the resolutio ... ty in order to provide peace within the state of Serbia in order to have progressive relations with Croatia. The OSCE is another organization that has implemented policies in an effort to provi ...

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Franjo Tudjman

ko Trgovisaee, a small village in Zagorje on May 14, 1922. His father was a prominent member of the Croatian Peasant Party. He had two brothers, one of which was murdered in 1943 for being a member of ... atives and the House of Counties. Since then he has been reelected twice (Clements 110-111). Croatia became independent on Jun 25, 1991, after breaking off from Yugoslavia. The president is ele ...

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Fashions in Different Coutries

re wrong! Its worth thousands. Not because it came from years back, but, because it is so beautiful.Croatia: 12 sent.Croatia is a beautiful city. Everybody is now dresses just like everyone is Canada ... That is for the poor. The rich people had diamonds and necklaces and bracelets of pure gold. Today Croatia still isn't a rich country. Neither is it poor. It is just a country who isn't well dressed ...

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Marko Polo-Pilic

maybe he started globalisation by linking civilizations and sharing inventions, maybe he was even a Croatian, but in the end, he was definitely an adventurer and has been an inspiration to generations ... of Korcula (where he later moved), on the island of Korcula in Dalmatia#. Dalmatia is a province of Croatia. So why all this confusion for such important figure? And why can't Marko be what he actuall ...

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ug Vatroslav.Godine 1924. njezine su Priče iz davnine prevedene na engleski jezik pod naslovom Croatian tales of long ago i objavljene kod uglednog londonskog nakladnika George Allen et Unwina. P ... dnji časovi Ivana Mažuranića, Mir u duši, Autobiografija)c) Prijevodna izdanjaCroatian tales of long ago, London, 1924.Poh(dky z d(vn(ch dob, Prag, 1928.Lavendel och Rosmarin, St ...

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