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Technology and Business Assessment: Implementing a CRM Tool.

ompany is based on their experiences with people from the company. Client Services Representatives (CSR) are the first point of contact customers have with our organization and it was decided that a t ... ust by providing a full lifecycle view of the customer to whomever they might contact (sales staff, CSR's, field support or management) an organization will begin see customer satisfaction levels rise ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Business

might be viewed as unscrupulous to another? With the competing demands from different stakeholders, CSR is becoming more important in an organisation. Australian companies are starting to recognize th ... her hand is being aware of the issues being presented in the community and the working environment. CSR is not a new concept. Some companies have always acknowledged a "wider responsibility towards th ...

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Logistics Industry and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting A closer look at involvement of UPS, FedEx and DHL on "Sustainable Development" issues

of this paper is to present the current situation on the logistics industry's level of activity on CSR, through investigating the world's leading players UPS, FedEx and DHL and their attitudes to CSR ... l reports, possible environmental and social impact reports, their involvement in the international CSR initiatives such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and their presence in the various sustaina ...

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CSR case study

CSR- Colonial Sugar Refining Co. LtdDrivers of globalisationMany factors have contributed to the gro ... , they seek to beat trade tariffs by establishing subsidiary companies in overseas markets.· CSR operates in a range of countries and/or markets to maximise sales and profit for its shareholder ... s in a range of countries and/or markets to maximise sales and profit for its shareholders.· CSR market research identifies growing markets and where the best resources are available helping to ...

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Should an organisations engage in CSR?

Introduction:The concept of CSR is complicated and, contested and unclear boundaries (Lantos, 2001; Moon, 2002). The scope of SC ... de and difficult to define (Hemingway, 2002).The purpose of this essay is to clarify the concept of CSR by reviewing the different viewpoints of the business role in society from economic, ethical, al ... business role in society from economic, ethical, altruistic and strategic. Concludes that strategic CSR is good for business & society.Defining CSR"An organization's obligation to maximize its pos ...

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CSR with Focus on the Employee Perspective

thethesis and central concept are described, and finally a disposition is presented.1.1 Background"CSR is like motherhood and apple pie. Everybody is for it; who wants to make the case forcompanies b ... widely debated and there is a widespread support for theconcept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the business world.According to the concept of CSR, a company should focus on other values t ...

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The boundaries of strategic corporate social responsibility

oles, Stakeholders, EthicsAbstract: Reviews the development of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) conceptand its four components: economic, legal, ethical and altruistic duties. Discusses diffe ... rofit making to communityservice provider. Suggests that much of the confusion and controversy over CSR stemfrom a failure to distinguish among ethical, altruistic and strategic forms of CSR. On theba ...

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Corporation law

ce that the relationship between a director and the company is fiduciary in: Fitzsimmons v R (1997) CSR 355 at 357. The law imposes strict fiduciary and statutory obligations on a director in the perf ... f the second company without clearly disclosing the second company's consent: R V Byrnes (1995) 17 ACSR 551 at 562.A company is entitled to the unbiased and independent judgment of each of its directo ...

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GlaxoSmithKline's Corporate Social Responsibility Practices.

in general, main arguments put forward by the companies and counter-arguments.3) GlaxoSmithKlein's CSR claims and counter-evidence:i) Medicines for the developing world.ii) Business ethics and integr ... giving rise to the importance of looking at individual companies' corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance. Some of these issues include: access to essential medicines by the developing worl ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management model that promotes ethical conduct and values for businesses by creating publi ... ions are beginning to, or indeed already have taken the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously.With such high profile corporate disasters as Enron's collapse having significan ... nron's collapse having significant underlying issues of business ethics failures, the importance of CSR has certainly been accentuated in recent years. These infamous breakdowns in communications and ...

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Grunig and Hunt's Four Models of Public Relations

hich can then be separately addressed. Corporations may refer to these models in establishing their CSR efforts.For example, the first area (Press Agentry) deals with the activities of those who will ... e, but Grunig and Hunt (1984) insist it to be the most effective. Companies should aim to implement CSR programs that consider the objective of the PR work to be as important as or more important than ...

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Key concepts in business.

ity to society is to provide goods and services and to return maximum benefits to its shareholders. CSR is now becoming an emerging need in businesses and most of the businesses these days that attain ... es and most of the businesses these days that attain sustainable development are those who practice CSR. CSR assesses a business not only from its financial success but also from how well it distribut ...

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Emotional Labor and Intelligence

situations so employees are not overwhelmed by their work.One of the biggest challenges faced by a CSR is dealing with the hostility that can come their way from the customer. A lot of the call cente ...

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Klosterman Refirgieration

e Confidential Management/CSR No.KY - Cinn AreaResume #16985501 OBJECTIVESeeking a CSR or management position. I am currently ... this country for any employer.EXPERIENCE9/1998 - 10/2001Mike Albert LeasingFlorence, KY Supervisor-CSR As location supervisor, I was responsible for handling all aspects of the company. I scheduled s ...

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Carroll's pyramid of Corporate social responsibility: A review and modification

IntroductionFor the past 27 years, Carroll's corporate social responsibility pyramid (CSR) has been widely used by top management and journals to better define and explore CSR. The diffe ... by corporations in the 21st century have warranted a re-examination of Carroll's pyramid.Carroll's CSR PyramidCarroll's four part CSR pyramid depicts the economic, legal, ethical and discretionary re ... 22.321.84-USA2.812.422.511.99Edmondson & Carroll (1999) from events are noteworthy. It questions whet ...

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MNEs' Competitive Advantage And CSR.

Critically analyse the relationship between CSR and MNEs' competitive advantage.Abstract:Business is defines as a profit seeking activity where ... rporate Social Responsibility programs. First section of this paper is about defining the theory of CSR, and stating why it is becoming an important aspect of company's interest. Next I am going to ex ... theory would contribute to business growth and development. The conclusion will then try to see if CSR as a tool is beneficial for MNCs.Introduction:Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), though know ...

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Socially responsible marketing with applications on Energy business Case study Company: Total

elieve that well developed and targeted marketing can be more efficient if Total develops strategic CSR and concentrate on the reparation of damage caused by its business of the exploitation of Earth' ... ation that companies have to respect, but also to give guidance for corporate social responsibility CSR."CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their busines ...

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Imposition of Corporate Social Responsibility Regulations or Legislation on Small to Medium-sized Enterprises

ONSIBILITY .................................................................... 73.0 SME PRACTISING CSR ON VOLUNTARY BASIS ...................................................... 83.1 POSITIVE OUTCOMES ... RY BASIS ...................................................... 83.1 POSITIVE OUTCOMES OF VOLUNTARY CSR....................................................... 93.2 NEGATIVE OUTCOMES OF VOLUNTARY BASIS ...

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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

sibility of one company's ethical decision? With the competing demands from different stakeholders, CSR is becoming more important in an organisation.1.Is there any conflict between profits and social ... an famous economist Milton Friedman . In these days, big firms use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of the most important tool to increase its profit. CSR is a management model that promot ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Nike

influence and has been treated as being a snapshot in time (mid 1990's). The paper evaluates Nike's CSR strategy under four main headings. Part I links Nike's CSR strategy and the issues faced by it t ... tions on behalf of the management to what Nike should do in order to effectively tackle the primary CSR issues it faces today.Part I - Nike's CSR Issues and the UNGC Ten PrinciplesAccording to a New Y ...

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