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Hot Air Balloons - How they work, how they comply with laws of thermodynamics, and how to create a home-made balloon

in the equation V1/T1=V2/T2.Hot air balloons have to be extremely large in order for it to work. A cubic foot of air is calculated to weigh 28 grams. If you heat a cubic foot of air by 100 degrees Fa ... ou heat a cubic foot of air by 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it will weigh 21 grams. This means that each cubic foot in a hot air balloon can lift 7 grams. Therefore, lifting a 100-pound girl will require 1 ...

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High Natural Gas Prices the year 2000, the United States natural gas consumption reached 22.6 trillion cubic feet and has continually risen since that year. In the year 2000 the consumption of natural ga ... tility and industrial sectors moved in opposite directions. Industrial consumption was 9.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas while the electric utilities consumption of natural gas was 3.0 trillion c ...

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