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d a half feet to ten by five feet ("Billiards," Colliers).Another tool used to play the game is the cue stick. The cue srick weighs in a range of twelve to twenty-two ounces, and the straighter the cu ... n a range of twelve to twenty-two ounces, and the straighter the cue, the better. At the end of the cue is a leather tip, which is used to hit the ball with great accuracy. If the stick were to hit th ...

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The Physics of Pool.

The game of pool may not be as relaxing as one may think. Rather than just aimlessly hitting the cue ball around a table covered in felt, there is a set of law governing the outcome of play. These ... governing the outcome of play. These laws are known as PHYSICS. Billiards is played by striking the cue ball with a cue stick. The cue ball then collides with the other balls on the table in hopes of ...

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A descriptive essay about "A Pool Hustler".

nt shot of the game. I had to sink the eight ball. I looked down the narrow sight line at the white cue ball and then the shiny black marble like material that seemed to be moving in all directions, y ... ne starting at the blue chalked covered tip of my slightly askew pool stick all the way down to the cue and then a second red line connected the cue ball to the top loop of the eight. It looked like a ...

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Conservation Of Momentum/Energy

ollision.Equipment:· Ruler (1m)· 2 billiard balls of equal mass (0.26kg)· Pool Cue· Video Camera (with highest frame rate possible)· Tripod· Varying flat surf ... mark3. Start the video camera recording and hit the 1st ball (white) at the 0cm mark with the pool cue dead on, with no spin applied to the ball, into the 2nd ball (red) placed at the 50cm mark. Vary ...

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