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Computers and the Disabled

creen text to synthesizespeech or Braille, and adaptive hardware that transforms acomputers audible cues into a visual format. Computers have giventhe limited back their freedom to be an active part o ...

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nts and pertinent information. The peripheral route persuades people by association with incidental cues that are pleasing to the senses. The central route is used to reach people who are more motivat ... e truth are more apt to be persuaded by the communicator¹s attractiveness and other peripheral cues. Analytical people who are more concerned with being right, are more influenced by central rout ...

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Adapting Web Sites for People with Blindness Implementing web tools to interact with blind persons using the web and making a internet world for them

ors, an occasional video clip and various combinations of these elements. There are also some aural cues - audio to go along with video clips and animations, and assorted beeps, honks, bells and other ...

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Decision Making, Planning, and Strategic Planning.

so will agree that decision making is a cognitive activity involving the interplay of environmental cues and human cognitive processes, culminating in the selection of one or more possible choices of ...

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To read or not to read.

en in fiction. While we cannot see the plays that we are assigned in class, the screenplay gives us cues to tell us the set environment in which the action takes place. Sam Shepard's play, True West, ...

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12 specific guidelines for communication with deaf blind children.

appropriate level 2.No child will communicate, unless he has a reason. 3.Points out the need for cues. " 4.You will have to repeat the communication much time before the child understands. 5.Talk ... do you want some coffee with shaking my head is a non-verbal communication? Point out the need for cues is used in everyday life with everybody, I would compare it to Emblems and because it's a non-v ...

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iting anger. Many batterers increase their chemical use and try to avoid conflict. This is when the cues start to occur. This phase can be of long and short duration. The higher the stress and buildup ...

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Leptin and its role in Food Intake Regulation. (Scientific Research Paper)

ctors affect the central nervous system to regulate food intake. In addition, several environmental cues, such as food availability, are factors of consumption as well. Ensuring that signals are funct ...

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Describe what psychologists have found out about lifestyles

lness, 3) the perceived costs and benefits of changing their health behaviour. Also people may need cues to action to act as a trigger to initiate health behaviour. This means that, with the example o ...

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"Depression's Double Standard"

ivity, protects men against depression. So we're really nowhere fast. There are a variety of cues that seem to prompt depression. Sorting out which factors which might have a greater influence ...

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Self-Monitoring in Iwakuni at NMCI

IntroductionI believe, some self-monitor person is particularly sensitive to cues concerning the situational appropriateness of his or her social behavior and uses this as guide ...

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Nonverbal communication and how you can benifit during business meetings!

siness meeting or job interview. What is important to remember is to know when to use these various cues to your advantage, and to know not to overuse them.Voices have a significant persuasive affect. ...

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Why vote Bush?

in an interview with the Associated Press, FDA Acting Commissioner Lester Crawford said terrorist "cues from chatter" led him to believe Al Qaeda may try to attack Americans by contaminating imported ...

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Compare Dee and Mrs. Slade

st assets. The fact that her sister, Maggie, sees Dee "with a mixture of envy and awe" (Walker 840) cues the reader to Dee's favorable appearance. The way in which Walker states that "Dee is lighter t ...

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Detection Measures

scrambling of data so that only authorized persons may handle it (cryptography) and putting hidden cues in the data so that is people make unauthorized use of it that use may be evidenced (steganogra ...

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The Pygmalion Effect

certain ideas and expectations of a person or a particular event. Next, through various prompts and cues, we communicate these expectations. Automatically the person targeted with these expectations b ...

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Nonverbal Communication From A Personell Perspective

just by observing others behaviors. Whether one is communicating non-verbally or verbally there are cues that can give insight to ones personality or even at times ones intentions.Recently, I went to ...

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lly in Vertigo the lady really turning out to be someone else is a plot twist in the movie.Auditory Cues The two films that rely on auditory cues are Dial M for Murder and Rope. In Dial M for ...

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No representation of allocentric space has been f

does not require the rat to have a concept of absolute space; it may depend on associations between cues and responses which are provided by the maze structure itself. However, O'Keefe & Nadel (19 ... ould suggest that they had formed a map or reference framework of the environment that was based on cues from this environment. Wilkie & Palfrey (1987) and Zipser (1986) argued that this framework ...

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Vital Communication

e you in English last semester?" From there the conversation continues and they scan each other for cues on reciprocal interest into one another. They show immediate interest in each other by compleme ...

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