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The Men of the Open Spaces - Focuses on the the Australian bush culture.

hese issues of Australian identity, constructing a powerful representation of the Australian 'bush' culture. The text uses past views of popular culture that are still ubiquitous today, to construct a ... very traditional concept of nationhood and constructs a stereotypical representation of Australian culture. This essay will explore this in relation to the discourses of gender, class and environment ...

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How and Why Did American Popular Culture Influence Australian Society in the 1950s and 1960s?

During the 1950s-1960s Australia's popular culture was heavily influenced by American culture, trends and images. The 50s and 60s was the era o ... of Rock 'n' Roll, Hippies, Rebellious teenagers, and drugs. These themes were all part of America's culture and were portrayed to the rest of the world as important elements of American culture. These ... yed to the rest of the world as important elements of American culture. These important elements of culture heavily influenced the growing nation of Australia - particularly during this period. Teenag ...

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1. What is the policy of multiculturalism and why was it introduced by the 1970's? 2. The effects that the policy of multiculturalism has had on Australian culture and society. 3. Case Study:

rtunity - the right of all to equality of treatment and the removal of barriers of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, gender or place of birth. The policy was introduced because it appeale ... ate to Australia. 2. Explain the effects that the policy of multiculturalism has had on Australian culture and society. 500 words The effects of the multiculturalism policy have been good for Austra ...

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Miriam Dixson's The Real Matilda

is not a desirable one, her personal bias' are overwhelming. She makes direct attacks on Australian culture; "in the land of mateship, the Ocker, a keg culture" and that everyday Australian phrases an ... that everyday Australian phrases and ideals that we pride ourselves on are deeply rooted in a male culture. She has exaggerated the aussie male stereotype and has made a generalisation that all males ...

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Analytical Comparison focusing on visual and language techniques in portraying vision of Australia in Dorothea Mackellar's - "My Country" and Max Dupain's - "Sunbather"

tograph is a powerful yet simple image that conveys aspects of the Australian climate, attitude and culture through the person, composition and colour.In "Sunbather", we cannot see the subject's facia ... al point of the photograph representing how the Australian image and people are a vital part of our culture and heritage. This focus on the body is a representation of Australia rather than of the man ...

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What does it mean to be an Australian?

uing to accept these newly arrived migrants with open arms, and are willing to share the Australian culture with them. The migrants in return, share their own culture with Australians, and everybody l ... a perfect Utopia, Australians can be proud of their distinct traits. Australians are proud of their culture and lifestyles, which includes their love for mateship, and laidback attitude. Australians c ...

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Australian Society - Picnic At Hanging Rock

h have been used to describe Australia for decades; however do they truly illustrate the Australian culture? The typical Aussie has been described as easy going, fair and casual. Yet when we observe A ... lm showcases a series of oppositions: between European ideals and the Australian landscape, between culture and nature and between the English and the Australians. The technique used is contrast, to s ...

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The Kite Runner

ore damaging to deny the truth than to acknowledge it?'The Kite Runner tells the story in the 1970s of Amir, a young boy from the district of Kabul that lives in a posh house with his father, whom he ... the guilt begins to wear on Amir - how can he go on with life if seeing Hassan everyday reminds him of his cowardice? Also, Baba seems to be acting even more affectionate towards Hassan, which adds je ...

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