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High-Pop and Cultural Values

content and mass produced (and presumedly more accepted) entertainment content (Gurevitch, Bennett, Curran and Woollacott 1982). While the former may have been derided for its sophistication and intel ... of society' enabling them to 'conform, accommodate, challenge or reject’ (Gurevitch, Bennett, Curran and Woollacott 1982: 1)Consumption of high-pop also served to promote its dissemination and p ...

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Role of Media

"respond in a competitive market-place to what people want, and express their views and interests" (Curran, 2000: p.129). As a result, the privately owned broadcasting system speaks for people (Curran ... on in favor of the public, media still provide the audience a space to communicate with each other (Curran, 1991: p.33). The public members who have the same ideas or different ones are all allowed to ...

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Small firms operating successfully in markets dominated by large ones

ss whereas individuals with familiarity of working in smaller enterprises are more likely to do so (Curran et al. 1986). This may be an answer to the question of not only why do small firms exist but ... ns, D. et al (ed.) (1997) Small Firms: entrepreneurship in the nineties. London UK: NatWest, pp. 13.Curran, J. et al (ed.) (1986) The survival of the small firm. Volume 2, Aldershot, UK: Gower, pp. 3, ...

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